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Jun. 19th, 2009 10:58 pm
you know what's awful? when women who are so often spit on because they're overweight (judged on their looks) think it's cool to bitch out other women for being, in their eyes, too skinny (judged on their looks).

zoe saldana probably weighs a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet. she's a ballerina. she's built that way and she's got curves. and i still see people being all, ugh bitch eat a sandwich. it's disgusting. it's us fat girls being taken in by the same stupid shit that got us here in the first place, identifying other women based not on their personalities but on their body type, like who they are and what they might think doesn't matter, because we think we can see everything we need to know in a glance.

if we can't be trusted to see past that crap, who the hell can? if we learn nothing else from being so discriminated against, shouldn't it be not to discriminate in kind?

ugh. sorry. i get cranky when writing is not going well. *face*
wank? in supernatural fandom? GET OUTTA HERE. )
misogyny on supernatural? )

in other news, as part of my epic failure to resist writing comics fanfic, i've spent most of my time at the Robb & Stucky website, furnishing the AU Luthor estate in hawaii. gnnnngh. WANT.

annnd over at [livejournal.com profile] misspamela's, she is hosting the fandom hot 20! go pick your top three hottest fictional characters of all time (omg that is hard) and list them in a comment. pam'll make a poll when all's said and done. get crazy!
it seems that in the most recent TWOP recap of supernatural, perennially awful recapist demian repeatedly refers to dean's old buddy richie as dago and wop.

oh... oh, HELL, no. there's unfunny, and then there's fucking racist.

people. we are the internet. there HAS to be somebody to email about this. TWOP is owned by NBC, come on. find me somebody to rage at, please and thank you.

it is too early in the morning for this bullshit, i tell you what.

ETA: emails and info )
w/r/t the word on the internets being that j2 reads our pornz:
who cares omg. potential effect on me: zero. i guarantee you they skim headers, laugh, thank god that they're famous enough to have the fanfictions written about them, and then scamper off to play golf. more power to 'em. i do know this: if fandom really loved jared and jensen, they would write kim manners/garden implement so that the js would have some ammo.

and now, a music meme:
1. Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.).
2. Put it on shuffle and press play.
3. For every question, type the song that's playing. When you go to a new question, go to the next song.
4. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

results )

i would tell you all about this week's dexter, heroes, californication, house, bones and reaper, but honestly, seems like we're cruising in neutral there, no? i had fun, the shows that were awesome remain awesome, the ones that were good remain good. i didn't see a lot of big surprises anywhere. in truth, the only show i caught this week that really grabbed me and shook me was beauty and the geek... but that's because they were at comiccon and the judges for their challenge were writing comics that i know, and they could NOT stop laughing at the retarded things put before them. HAH.

and finally, do you guys know what delights me about humanity? i'll tell you. it's this letter from a dresden holiday inn to one of its potential clients, as translated from german: *beamshine*
i hate bandom.

[livejournal.com profile] phaballa made a post about how bandom guys being gay with each other onstage is as offensive as blackface, and a buncha people commented, i'm sure you've all seen it.

and now bandom's oppressed by fandom at large, and if being gay onstage is exploitative then so is slashfic, and the fundamental point of all RPS is seperating the person from the role so if you hate fallout boy's music but still fan them b/c they gay all over each other that's totally the same thing, and OH GOD MAKE IT STOP.

i just can't STAND it. and to be honest with you, it's not the music. i've heard maybe six songs by the aforementioned bands and one is sort of okay and the others, eh, whatever. and do i care that they french each other on stage? no. i could give a flying fuck. let 'em! but sweet god in heaven, their fans are going to drive me insane. maybe there are two or three people in bandom who are reasonable and like the music (pete wentz's mom?), and i'm sure those three people are about five seconds away from a homicidal rampage right now, because believe me, i know their pain.

after all, i am in supernatural fandom.

it is legal to take candid photos of celebrities when they're in a public venue. there can be no contesting that you have the right to whip it out and snap a picture of any man, woman or child you like, so long as they're out on the town and not in their backyard; i certainly can't stop you.

it doesn't mean you have intelligence, luck, respect or class.

case in point.

it most certainly does not mean that you are the celeb's bff - in fact, given that the folks in the relevant parts of our fannish population do not sell their pictures and also claim to be FANS, they would be what is known (in the parlance of our times) as a groupie.

that said, it does mean they paid the cover charge. it probably means they're buying drinks and food from the establishment. and given that they're being groupies for musicians that could really use a broader (no pun intended) fanbase, i imagine that the benefits of having asses in seats outweighs the more annoying parts (blinded by flash, rudeness, inability to hold an uninterrupted conversation for ten minutes) for the gents in question.

i wish that they didn't think of us as fandom: a necessary evil. but as i said above, groupies have every right to be groupies, even if it does mean that the rest of the world thinks of us fannish types as the kind of people that... well, you've seen [livejournal.com profile] lj_biz.

eta: it seems the OP has deleted the post that was linked above - in short, a girl went to steve carlson's birthday party at l'scorpion in los angeles, took a bunch of pictures of steve, jason manns and jensen, and posted them all over the place. some folks on [livejournal.com profile] steve_carlson turned up their nose at the paparazzi style - too close, too much flash in a dark environment, she followed them out into the street and kept on - and she lost it on them. fuck off, go to hell, that kind of thing. the party continues on her journal.

eta II: one link down.

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Aug. 9th, 2007 12:18 am
oh, [livejournal.com profile] ckll. thank you so much for bringing us hilarious revelry in such a dark time. never change.

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Aug. 5th, 2007 04:18 pm
okay, here is a statement which is evidently a news flash for some people.

one may not go, i totally defend people's right to make pictures and fic of porn involving eight year olds because i love FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION hello goodbye *snap snap* and then turn around and say y'know, i don't like journalfen b/c it hosts fandom_wank.

one may not. not without needing a taste of the back of my hand omg.

i really need to stop reading [livejournal.com profile] lj_biz and go back to porn for a while.
after lengthy discussion with my friend [livejournal.com profile] fodian on the subject, i felt compelled to edit my previous post. to short it up for you, i find many things objectionable, offensive and unsexy, but the only ones i can understand suspending outright are the ones that are illegal. i do not feel qualified to condemn anybody for what gets them off, and i wouldn't want to try - it's not my job to police other people, only myself. policing others and interpreting our varying rights and freedoms is a job that belongs to the government.

now. that said, i would like to briefly discuss my stance on abuse fic in general.

voltaire was a smart man )

if nothing else, i must concede that ponderosa has accomplished what a lot of artists strive for: getting people talking and thinking. thoughts? comments? agree/disagree?
everybody knows i love freedom of expression.

this ain't it. (link is nsfw and also pretty despicable, imho.)

maybe we'll all pick up and wander off or whatever. maybe fandom will decide to go all haywire and make their own space on the web, maybe we'll all have to uproot ourselves and exodus from the reign of stinky stinky six apart. but let's not make martyrs out of molehills, okay?

eta: in case i was somehow unclear, the following two things are true:
1. i find that image repulsive. personally, ethically, ugh. i also find rapefic, bestiality and torture to be by and large repulsive.
2. i cannot fault lj for banning it because it's illegal. i do not support the banning of any user over the perceived offensiveness of their material, only its legality.

eta II, much after the fact: i see that people are still keen to talk this one over. good for you. it's good to keep informed. but just so you know, a lot of information came out between the time this was posted and the three days later that some of this conversation is happening in. we know more things now, things have been confirmed, proven false, proven different. i therefore stand by two things i said in the original post: 1. sixapart stinks, and 2. you must, MUST chill. i stand by all things said in the first ETA.
winterlive: (nf: it's called being a girl)
[livejournal.com profile] deviant_daily mods: morons. people slamming [livejournal.com profile] badbuffyfic: also morons.

y'know, this business where there's the faint whiff of wank on my flist and i pop in to check it out and there's all my really intelligent friends on one side, and a bunch of people i never heard of on the other, that's really awesome shorthand. i approve. keep it up, internets.

6A does itself a TINY BIT better and gives people paid time credit for the blackout. claim yours here.

and finally, there is a DRAGON tattooed on his DINGLE. nsfw, obvs.

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Jul. 5th, 2007 07:14 pm
[ this post ] says it very well.

as does, i hope, [ this one ].

so i really didn't feel the need to write another about this season three spoiler that has been around for months and months and which you've almost assuredly heard of ) when it'd just be the same song, but then something occurred to me.

don't click if you have magically managed to stay spoiler-free. )
so i was chatting with [livejournal.com profile] femmenerd the other day about getting comments on one's fic, and i'll tell ya, y'know. i'm pretty sure that i stopped taking comments seriously as a measure of the worth of a given fic at just about the same time that it became clear to me that comments on lj are, in many cases, a political tool.

i had ljtoys for a little while. it became clear during my use of it that there were some people who did not have me friended, yet clicked into my journal every day. they read all my public posts, click under all the lj cuts, and never, ever comment. ever. (hi guys!) i'm not going to say that i know for SURE that this is a case of trying to ostracize me because of who i'm friends with - i don't. i can't say unequivocally that these people are operating off the kind of high school bitch mentality that i very definitely outgrew caring about a long time ago - i never talk to them, so that'd be impossible to say for sure*. but it's really hard to say to myself, I ONLY GOT X COMMENTS THIS FIC SUX. because when it comes to why people comment, it's not necessarily a value judgment, y'know?

so, okay, it's a political tool. i can deal with that.

when it comes to people commenting on my fic, the politics of that is that they would like me to feel encouraged. so that's how i'll take it. and when it comes to how good/suck i am as a writer, i will listen to my friends, who would surely tell me if i had suddenly caught lame fever. to date, i have yet to recieve a single piece of concrit by email, so i will also, when i am feeling particularly brave, volunteer myself for concrit from the world at large. (i am not always brave omg.) but that's about that, y'know? i will never assume i am the next tolstoy b/c livejournal said so, and i will similarly never burn anything b/c nobody commented. it's lovely to get a buncha comments, of course, and disappointing when you don't, but i try to keep that perspective.

and if i just can't one day, i go to a friend and freak in email so they can tell me i'm being a retard. and i believe them. :)

*i try to keep my skepticism on a leash and be nice to them when i see them, b/c you never know, they might just be crazy or something harmless. if somebody's five hours late to meet me, i never get mad until i see them in person and i know they haven't been hit by a bus. i'm crazy, thx for asking.
proviso: this post was written entirely too late at night and with not nearly enough considerate loving kindness. it happens sometimes when my coffee-to-blood ratio is low. too low, in fact, to keep me from hitting the post button. ah well.


people, i swear to god, if you start writing letters to the cw telling them that you will not accept, nay, that you will CRUSADE AGAINST this leaked plot for season three of supernatural, i will hunt you down. and i will make you pay.

to clarify: i have not been spoiled. i don't want to be spoiled. if kripke has suddenly stapled "jo/dean 4eva" posters all over his office wall, if kim manners believes the best road to take with the show is for sam to suddenly develop the ability to fly, if dawn ostroff has gone completely off her meds and decided that really it'd be best if the show was jumped fourteen years in the future and recast, i do not want to know. i am not writing letters, neither should you, stfu. i mean, i can understand writing in to save a tv show from cancellation, but this?

i'm using dean's annoyed face for you, fandom. do not MAKE me bring sam's bitchface! IT IS STARTING TO SMELL LIKE TINFOIL IN HERE. FOR GOD'S SAKE GET A HOLD OF YOURSELVES.

so i have a question for you lot.

most of my morning has been spent reading [ this ] (which sprung from [ this ]) and the associated links in comments. as a result, i now have a question for you all.

[Poll #950389]

*to clarify: the PEOPLE will still exist to either ghost hunt or act, whatever. just they will no longer be fcuking. vote for the one you want to keep.
i should have a tag for "things that'll piss people off". but i can't not say this one, so.

no, seriously this time: on supernatural's jo, and the reaction she's getting )

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Sep. 13th, 2006 12:06 am
i recently learned of an event that put me in mind of a song.

stupid girl - garbage

lyrics )



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