heroes is such a massive pile of raging crazy that i don't even know what to do with it anymore.

and yet, i keep watching.

[ what ]

Sep. 24th, 2008 02:30 pm
heroes 3x01 & 02 )
very brief reactions on this week's heroes ) and last week's smallville ).

and that's the news on my crackfic tv shows!
lizards? really? )

on a related note, here i am roaming through the pix of the heroes cast bowling (casting spoilers) and i'm like, okay, zachary quinto ilu, jack coleman, hey big man (god, he's tall), hayden p. with a big ol burger, ahaha so cute, kid who plays micah, you're downright squishable, greg grunberg with his kids, aw, sendhil ramamOHMYGODMYPARTS.

every time i think that man can't possibly get any hotter, i am PROVEN WRONG. *crosses legs*
yataa! )

[ aigh ]

May. 1st, 2007 01:19 am
per everybody else watching heroes tonight, aigh aigh aigh ).

ps: dialup users, run along, this is not for you. <3

  1. i have changed my userinfo. it's pretty damn clear - i don't know how i feel about the lack of obfuscation - but it's totally true, so! we'll see how long i like it.

  2. yesterday, my ceeshine was talking about [ the weight ] by aretha franklin. duane allman is on guitar, she seemed to feel that was a big deal and i respect that. i feel that if you listen to this song and picture a seventeen year old girl in her bedroom, faking a microphone and belting this out at the top of her lungs... well, you'll know something about the sort of person i am. :)

  3. i've been asking you guys to give me good wishes for interviews i've been going on - well, it paid off. i've been offered a tiny little temp job at alberta education, but it's got big possibilities. meeeeef yaye. thank you again to everybody who knocked wood for me, i smoosh you.

  4. no, seriously, this song is awesome. while you're at it, take [ sea lion ] by sage francis. you either love this one or hate it, but those who love it really love it. it opened up the last episode of bones, the intro part, eef. shivery.

  5. i read a story the other day off [livejournal.com profile] exsequar's rec. SGA, if that sort of thing interests you, but if you're even remotely familiar with the verse, you should read this. probably old news to those experienced in that fandom, but for those who aren't: [ freedom's just another word ] by [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic. that is a story. when i talk about how i like fic to have a point, this is what i mean.

  6. heroes was not a spectacular extravaganza of answers, but there were many parts i loved like a loving thing. like for instance... )
some things:

- i heard on teh radio today that clapton is coming to my town. good for him! i saw him the last time he came, from a jillion miles up, and, um. good for him! i am keeping my moneys omg.

- y'know what i miss? slash. as much as i love hetville - and i do love it - i miss my guys. i wanna write some classic jsquared.

- and finally, in a killer segue (because unslashiest show around): heroes! )

1. i am going to create an rps canon reference guide. i feel it's important.
2. with it, you all will create many and fabulous AUs, i feel certain.
3. heroes: hiros )
1. welcome home, winchesterconners! it wasn't the same without you. <3
2. have new job am at new job the public sector and the private sector are very different animals why do i have to live on the west side when this job is on the south side why.
3. my new monitor kicks so much ass i can't tell you.
4. and on it, i watched heroes ).

i love television, zomg.
i have just watched the pilot for [ this show ].

i am afraid v. much that people will not like it. they must like it.




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