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Aug. 11th, 2009 07:03 pm
those of you with some interest in the habits of the paparazzi of los angeles will be surprised to hear of two changes in their usual behaviour.

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also if you have not seen the trailer for the imaginarium of dr. parnassus, what are you waiting for. TOM WAITS IS THE DEVIL.
a friend of mine asked the other day why adam lambert is so all fired awesome, anyway. i put together a little picspam and some recommended reading for her, and anybody else who's wondering.

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word of advice, people: moderate your chris pine intake. i have a sugar-related tummyache and i know who to blame. *hold*

speaking of himself, i promised you all some quinine. i know it's malaria season out there. here's the first part of a concoction to cure what ails you.

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today seems to be something of a fantastically wretched day for some kind and lovely folks i know. in an effort to keep away such misgivings, i am posting one of my favorite things.

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by all means, you should feel free to do the same.

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May. 1st, 2009 02:16 pm
1. big bang submitted. i still have some revision to do, but there you have it. i am surprised (and pleased?) by the blind selection process for artists. that's new, isn't it?

2. jaaaaaaared. god, i want it. (but it's neaf's so no deal.)

3. the zombie flu is a FAKE. it is a HOAX. just in case it gave anybody else a HEART ATTACK like ME. *press hand to chest*

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Apr. 23rd, 2009 03:43 pm
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for my reference.

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Sep. 2nd, 2008 08:45 am
so my husband* came home after dragoncon last night, and we hit it ALL night long. UNH.

due to work-IS-related tardgames, i can't actually show you the video from the panel he co-chaired with james marsters. but [livejournal.com profile] kittyzams can.


ETA: appropriate picsmap is now in comments. :D

*see icon; not an actual husband
it seemed like a picspam kind of day.

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more in the long love affair i have with DC comics.

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i felt the need for these - your regularly scheduled post-wank picspam pick-me-up.

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i've spent the last couple days trolling the internets for pictures of classic hollywood stars. these aren't all the items i found, nor do the represent The Best Of That Era, but i thought i would share some with you anyway.

they're images i liked. the people in them, sometimes, or the framing of the picture, or just the attitude involved. some of them might be attractive menfolk, i'm not confirming or denying. >.> but they're all representative of a time before i was born, sometimes way before, and they embody a kind of idol that i'm not sure it's possible to be in modern hollywood. they certainly were great, though.

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this just in: tv guide does a photoshoot with jared )

go ahead. call jensen the hot one. i god damn dare you.
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i promised a comics picsmap, and so i have delivered. i thought i'd start with my big gay favorites, superboy and robin, and their team, young justice.

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as an aside, if anybody would like to ask me about my icons for meme purposes, please feel free. <3

john russo is putting together a photo show of celebrity headshots. they're all b&w, in the same position with the same natural light, and the presentation is pretty cool - each photo fades into the other when you switch over, showing the similarities and differences between. he calls it the about face project.

and he asked joe flanigan and justin hartley to sit for him. hot. )

i'm told taylor kitsch is supposed to be there too, somewheres, those of you who are in love with that one. :)
dear livejournal,

today i woke up to:

pix of jared
pix of tommeh
pix & interview with jensen
mikey coming near to meeee
a provincial election
supernatural's 4th season renewal

also i got a ton of clothes super cheap on saturday, INCLUDING a new winter jacket which has a FUR LINED HOOD. people, i am tired, but i have categorically won the last few days. i think that, given that i dealt with it ALL, this should be my reward for todaye.
jesus fuck, sendhil ramamurthy.
after as lengthy a wank session as we had today, dear flist, there can be only one fair and equitable thing to do:

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