it's been a long time, john winchester. i really miss you.

shooter jennings - bad magick

note: i have not seen it yet, i don't know anything about it, i was just watching old eps. :)
cee:but there is something else. something happens on thursdays. hrm.
me:is there? i've quite forgotten.
cee:it's gonna bug me ALL DAY.
When you see this, post another Supernatural quote in your LJ. Let's see how long this can go on.

RUBY: ...Stop calling me 'bitch'.

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Sep. 15th, 2008 06:28 pm
how bout those dolphins?



reference to title of 4x01, but no other spoilers )

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Sep. 4th, 2008 03:18 pm
  1. i am working on a Thing. it is original. i will do this on and off until it is either finished or dropped. comic books are good, and they are best suited to my head, i think - if there's one thing you all have told me over and over again, it is that one of my big strengths as a writer is that i'm very visual. maybe if i focus on that, something fun will happen. i'll give it the old college try, anyway. this does not mean that i will not be writing fanfiction, as in the midst of this college try i managed to thwap about 20k worth of clark/lex onto paper. *facepalm*

  2. for all the issues i may or may not have with the fandom, with the way the show is written, i'm perversely excited about the new season of supernatural. i want to see my boys again, man. did you see the article about how the Js will be turning into soapbox derby racers for charity? i mean, seriously.

  3. there is no three. there is only zeul.
SPOILER FOR SPN, 3x10 (next episode) )

*note: this subject line is an eddie izzard quote with no bearing on the episode, but rather my state of mind. omG.
i keep having the fact that there's new supernatural tonight creep up on me. like, i'll be doing something at work, i'll be working, and i'll be like sweet jesus, everything is utter shite. when is it friday. wait, isn't there something before friday? no. yes? maybe? what...

and then i'll remember.

it doesn't seem real. but i've turned on my RSS to mininova anyway. maybe when i have the file downloading.
so i'm given to understand that itunes put the SPN premiere out to the world yesterday.

i'm sitting at a friend's house with music and the love of good kitties. it's not warm, but it's not cold, and i have a sweater and my pajama pants are long enough to cover the tops of my feet. there's fresh coffee beside me, making warmth and good smell in the air. there are plans to cuddle up to good friends tonight, possibly with popcorn, in front of a big TV., i'm just gonna wait. ♥
in honor of californication and this week's impossibly awesome guest star, i give you a song.

bree sharp - david duchovny

happy s2 release day omg i will have mine in about a half hour. :D
as i wait for the torrents to come up, i will take a moment to inform you all that i have spoken to [ profile] starstillwonder, and she is fine, and her journal will be back shortly. somebody got the address that shouldn't have, is all, and she is doing damage control.

*f5 mininova*
ohhh, i'm all turned around.

i roleplay, y'all know that. i keep dreaming about it. it's pure madness.

and today's thursday, which means part 1 of the season finale of supernatural, and i am going to the pub. to roleplay. i mean, not that i get to watch the episodes live ANYWAY, as i have to download, but seriously, people. i must cut down on the roleplaying in my life. too many awesome characters and stories, not enough time.

in other news, my day has been considerably improved by reading the following [ compilation of dom/billy quotes ]. it's very soothing.
if you're one of the artists doing the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, you have less than ten hours now to get down to the claiming stations and choose your first (and/or second) claims. and all i am saying is that my EPIC MONSTROSITY is still open for a second claim. so go! do! act now!

in other news, roleplaying ).

and finally, guess what day it is. that's right. IT IS THURSDAY.
after hefty amounts of discussion yesterday with [ profile] luminosity, i am jonesing for new SPN like y'all cannot imagine. WANT!

and for the bored... )
1. wouldn't it be awesome to cross over spn with the invisible man? like, with bobby hobbes and darien fawkes? those two guys showed up on las vegas, surely they could show on spn. the snark, people. the SNARK would be LEGEND. the boys could be hunting darien and there would be Fish-And-Wildlife-Department-related shenanigans while each pair tried to figure out if the other was secretly feds. HEE. awesomecakes.

2. it's too early to search for a torrent, i'm sure. *vibrates*

3. i've made a list of 20 characters and assigned them all numbers. ask me questions about them and i'll answer. your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to play with me until showtiem discover which character is which.

rules and list )
winterlive: (spn: i'm okay!)
  • activate the orbiter's fuel cells
  • clear the blast danger area of all nonessential personnel
  • freak out

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Sep. 26th, 2006 12:48 pm
some items:

1. i loathe shaw cable. they are carrying my show on only digital cable, and i feel the strong and certain urge to bring them harm. hello internets, you are my friend.

2. [ profile] rylock was generous enough to offer his tv for me to come spn premiere viewing, and wouldn't you know, he's got digital cable. ROCK. i anticipate food of some sort, maybe some smallville viewing beforehand, and copious mockery of my fangirliness, which i will merrily put up with. he has kitties, and i therefore can withstand all sorts of mockery. [ profile] binarykitten will be my sword and shield.

3. i saw the premiere of veronica mars. and lo, it was good. this what i have to say about that:

spoilers )

i'm still all shellshocked. i can't actually, i. *hands*

edmontonians, fannish and otherwise, anybody wanna watch the finale with me? if i don't have a hand to hold i think i may axplode.

thank god there's purgatory tonight; i can see other people and think about non-fannish things for a while. it's really best for everybody.

hey, ps: any of you edmonton fangirls work at the delivery line for boston pizza? i called last night and told the girl who answered that i needed them to bring me something chocolate because supernatural was gonna be on, and she was all, omg i LOVE that show! so. :D
T-Minus Eleven Hours, Twenty Eight Minutes.

Hold my hand?



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