just in time for supernatural, bellanut does a post comprising the many faces of dean, and in some cases just jensen.

omg, the joy that that is. *little paws*
i am back from saskatoon. [livejournal.com profile] binarykitten's mad driving skills brought us safely through the windswept fields of mordor and lively conversation was had. i discovered that one of the saskatoonians checks in on this blog from time to time, and though i warned him it was mostly boys, tv and porn, he persisted, so perhaps i shall see him around from time to time. dove, as ever, was a wretched beast. i'll miss him, unless of course he decides to come back for [livejournal.com profile] jabberwolky's game, at which point i will be playing lily and, well, once you go nawlins you never go back.

it is freezing fucking cold once again in my town. i do not advise this, people. i do not endorse this event.

i do, however, endorse jensen fucking ackles.

[ eef! ]

Jul. 30th, 2007 04:22 am
some spoilers for s3, but gosh he's so cute. jensen at comiccon. <3

there's interviews with ben edlund and kripke on that site, too, but they're not mister adorableface, here. :D
okay, so THIS is little baby jenny at what surely must be one of his very first talk show appearances ever. it's with his days of our lives costars and i swear to god he could NOT be any cuter at ALL. and he is so WICKED, baby jenny! he makes me eeeee with the sheer raw adorableness that is him. pitter pat, people. pitter fucking pat. <33333

[ dork! ]

Jul. 25th, 2007 10:25 pm
if you do not know why jensen ackles is hilarious, and exactly how he is, these two pictures should explain it all.

voila! )
winterlive: (rps: atlanta morning coming down)
i have browsed the flist and don't see anything to date, so it appears the solemn duty falls to me:

3 new shots of jensen in hollywood life magazine )

[ mew ]

Jun. 9th, 2007 03:38 pm
jensen is too adorable for words. goddamn him. why does he have to be so AWESOME all the time, Y'KNOW? JESUS, JENSEN.

caps of the NBC & CBS interviews for his play )
dear internets,

the following interviews are with lou diamond hotass and jensen re: their play.

CBS interview (scroll along top of video player)
NBC interview

if some kindly soul were able to take these interviews and change them to some downloadable format for those of us who like that sort of thing, there might be some porn in it for you. just sayin.


it appears jared was at jensen's performance of a few good men in fort worth last night, along with sandy and danneel and the ackles clan.

jared, danneel and sandy at the bar, and to all reports, jared offering to buy the old man some skittles.

he wore a baseball cap, as if that would hide him when he's freakin 6'4. he chatted up the fans at intermission and took pictures with them, yet somehow managed to spend all his time talking with, to quote the boy himself, "papa ackles". jared led the standing ovation, at the end. and when the play was over, the boys took off together.

my fandom, ladies and gentlemen.

eta: danneel is the OTHER tiny brunette. it appears that the blonde actually IS jared's sister in law. or something. probably jensen's sister, omg i'm an idiot. y'know, i'm just kind of stuck on the fact that danneel is still a brunette. this pleases me in ways i probably shouldn't be pleased, but i don't care. rarrrr, jensen/dark haired girl.
secured via the lovely [livejournal.com profile] tinkabell007, we have:

jensen ackles
whereabouts: new york city (the grand, just off central park)
time: yesterday

visual evidence )

[ fcuk ]

May. 12th, 2007 06:14 pm
there will be more vids of this (hopefully from a leetle closer to the front), but for the meantime, [livejournal.com profile] _sin_attract has vids of jensen performing crazy love with his good buddy jason manns at asylum posted here.

you guys.
it appears that some retard threw herself at jensen at the asylum convention.

con reports here and here.

but he appeared to rebound well enough; he did the panel afterward and told new stories and was - as always - extremely sweet. except to jared. boys express affection in the strangest of all possible ways. wearing women's dresses, for instance. or TPing somebody's entire trailer. ♥

when the show is over, jensen wants one of the impalas, because he loves them. oh, jensen. of course you do, baby.

so. your saturday report, ladies and gentlemen.

eta: also, the cw has put his name forward for the emmys. he won't win, because the emmys hate genre shows, but still, that's awesome for him.
i didn't really dig jensen's punk shot all that much. i actually thought he looked a little silly.

now, here's the thing: i do dig the punk look. i like guys in eyeliner. and i like jensen. i actually like best that, in the picture in question, he looks like he too is thinking, y'know, i might look a little silly in this getup.

in point of fact: here, juxtapose some tampons. because, silly. and his face! he is making the cross badger face, which we have seen him make many times before, and which is, at times, even more cross than this. and, being me, i find that very endearing. further, in his movie, he will likely be much better lit. so ultimately... eh. *hands* it all balances out.

and i say that with love.

eta: via cee and max, it's badger mccrankypants!
cee and i were debating this point earlier, and as we could not reach a conclusion, we decided to put the matter to the electorate public.

[Poll #948007]

*i cannot edit poll. pretend i said "pertinent" just there. that'll learn me to try to be clever, whoo. ;)
so, thus far, were you to believe all the rumors that have been generated wrt jensen ackles, boy is an autistic cokehead who can't talk to fans because he's too big of a jerk.

this despite all (and i do mean ALL) evidence to the contrary.

don'tcha wanna sleep with him now? i wanna sleep with him now.

[ sdfwe ]

Aug. 21st, 2006 08:23 am
wrt the tca pictures everywheres.

i keep yelling at my computer screen.

i don't know how jensen isn't the world's acknowledged leader.

he. i.

[ bomb ]

Jun. 24th, 2006 04:05 pm
i love when he does [ this ] . ♥

happy pride, darlings!

ps: [ jensen/cee ]
so, so, so, okay, [ poolhall junkies ]? mikey's gang of boyz, you all know, okay?

mikey's character's name is DANNY, and one of the other boyz is MAX.


my max is cuter.

also, [ holy god, jensen ] !!!
From the Apache Junction National Ledger:


"Supernatural" hottie Jared Padalecki hasn't had much of a break from his paranormal duties this hiatus. The haunting series about two brothers (Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) locked in an ongoing battle with the dark side that was picked up for a second season is such a global hit, Padalecki and the "Supernatural" troupe have been overseas tub-thumping with the international press. Currently in London, Padalecki will have to head right back to Vancouver,B.C., to start shooting the show the beginning of next month.



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