nutrek RPF/american idol RPF, zachary quinto/adam lambert, NC-17, for [ profile] cliche_bingo. ~9700 words. much thanks to [ profile] jamesinboots and [ profile] seperis. I WISH I HAD SOME EXCUSE FOR THIS.

center square: crossover fusion )
nutrek RPF, pine/quinto, NC-17, for [ profile] cliche_bingo. ~3750 words. mild drug use.

fourth center: virginity )
nutrek RPF, pine/quinto, PG-13, for [ profile] cliche_bingo. it's kind of pre-slash? idk. really an exercise in voice, for me.

center bottom: abduction & kidnapping )
nutrek RPF, quinto/yelchin, hard R, for [ profile] cliche_bingo.

second center: what is this thing you call 'love'? )
further to [ profile] cliche_bingo, we have nutrek RPF gen.

fairy tales & folklore )
okay! today we have fic based off the scalding hot cliff watts shoot. first the pine solo shoot, and then the one with zoe. you don't have to look at those pictures to get the fic, but jesus christ, why would you not want to?

nutrek rpf, quinto/pine/saldana with an eye toward pine/quinto OTP omg, NC-17. that's right. het AND slash, at the same time. rpf newsletter coders, i love you? also, uh, roughly 10K words. porn porn porn porn PORN. much obligation due to [ profile] traveller and [ profile] seperis, who made this what it is.

disclaimer: this didn't really happen; everything here is fictional; for fun and not profit.

Take Me Out )
sometimes things just happen.

nutrek rpf, quinto/saldana, NC-17. i don't even know, people. do not come looking for plot from me.

disclaimer: this didn't really happen; everything here is fictional; for fun and not profit.

just friends )
winterlive: (rps: atlanta morning coming down)
Talking Points

Talking Points

nc-17, jared/jensen, rps au

for the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang
art by [ profile] machinistm
beta by [ profile] setissma, audiencing by [ profile] traveller, fact-checking by [ profile] seperis

soundtrack available here.
woo finished!

nutrek rpf, pine/quinto, NC-17, D/s themes. as ever, thanks are due to [ profile] jamesinboots, [ profile] traveller & [ profile] seperis for audiencing, and [ profile] thenyxie for beta duty on a dime. disclaimer: this didn't really happen; everything here is fictional; for fun and not profit.

i feel pretty sure you can read each of these individually if you like, but this really is a triptych:

You Know I Don't Ask For Much
Hit The Floor
Work It Out )
first prompt post on [ profile] trek_rpf_kink is open! wheeeeeee!
in which nobody is helpful except john "maverick" cho.

nutrek rpf, pine/quinto, NC-17. there are D/s themes here. if i were to be honest i would have said the same of the last. unrepentant porn. you've been warned. thanks much to [ profile] jamesinboots & [ profile] thenyxie for audiencing & beta skillz. can be read as sequel to You Know I Don't Ask For Much, but also stands alone.

disclaimer: this didn't really happen; everything here is fictional; for fun and not profit.

Hit The Floor )
oh come on, you knew it was only a matter of time.

fandom: star trek XI RPF
pairing: chris pine / zachary quinto
rating: NC-17
warnings: lots and lots of explicit though imaginary het with zoe. seriously, people, this is unrepentantly filthy. you've been warned.
disclaimer: none of this is real or implied to be real; i don't know any of these people; this didn't actually happen; for fun and not profit
A/N: much love to [ profile] jamesinboots & [ profile] seperis for the 5am audiencing & beta.


you know i don't ask for much )
winterlive: (rps: atlanta morning coming down)
here is a new j2 story.

HAH. bet you thought i was away at DCU forevers! not so!

( Danse Fambeaux )

A/N: j2, about 40000 words, nc-17. you should read this story while playing this music. this story would not have been possible without papa jim's botanica of san antonio, texas, and the dedicated listening and beta skills of cee, jim, katie and sets. some particulars of actual voodoo have been deliberately changed so as to avoid inadvertent offense to the gods. any inadvertent offense to humanity is complicated, but nevertheless deeply regretted.

a/n the second, april 2010: i wrote this fic a long time ago. i worked hard on it, and it came from a place of love - i tried hard to respect the people who came from the places i was going in the story, and to portray them realistically and fairly. in the end they'll be the judge of how well i did. however, at the time i did not understand that what i was doing with the premise of this story is called cultural appropriation. thanks to some good (and extremely patient) friends, i've come to understand that, putting it simply, it's impossible to tell good stories about people of color when your main characters are white. and setting your story entirely in someone else's culture when your story isn't about them is basically stealing.

i never set out to be a thief, but i sure as hell feel bad for having done it, now that i get it. i'm leaving the story up as is because by now it's public record - you can't really delete anything on the internet - and i'm hoping that adding this disclaimer will help people like i used to be, who love the idea of these places and just don't understand that white folks can only visit. for more info on cultural appropriation, visit the hub of all human knowledge: wikipedia. they have a good overview, and some links down at the bottom that'll help put it in context. to anyone i hurt with this story, you have my sincere apology.
jensen/ofc, nc-17, set when the baby boy's in high school. this is not a companion piece for good boys don't, not really, but they're in sort of the same vein. mad props to [ profile] vinylroad for audiencing and beta duty, and thanks to [ profile] traveller for her brain and her editorshipping skills and her very self.

exactly who i'm supposed to be )
some of you are aware that i do, from time to time, write things that could be termed pornography.

this is one of those. jeff/jensen, NC-17, courtesy the wayback machine. and, uh, i warn you for a whole buncha really faint kink. like. i hint around the edges of maybe four or five. oh well! you all trust me, right!?

[ profile] vinylroad does, and i should note that her audiencing-and-beta-fu is indeed strong. so.

if i catch you coming back my way )
winterlive: (rps: atlanta morning coming down)
j2, nc-17, not an AU this time.

fairy tale: a true story )
by danny

nc-17, jared/jensen, rps au

for the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang
art by [ profile] joosetta
beta, edits and audiencing by [ profile] traveller (until 3am today, no less)
additional beta and cheerleading by [ profile] brandil and [ profile] robanybody
for [ profile] svmadelyn's kink/cliche challenge, i was given "undercover lover" as my prompt, in which two characters must pretend to be dating.

this, then, is jensen/jared, nc-17, around 4600 words, with much love to [ profile] joosetta for audiencing, and [ profile] balefully for the beta. enjoy. :)

you ain't lonely )
stoled off mona.

Ask me about my fic--something I wrote, character, plotline, even a really short commentary--and I'll give you an explanation, snippet, or something. Kind of like a dvd commentary, but shorter and faster. *g*



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