so the christmas hiatus is almost upon us.

back when i started [ the larrys ] i told you all not to put in rps fic because i was gonna do another set during hiatus - they would be known as the lone stars, i told you, and we would proceed at that time.

the larrys were oodles of work. oodles. so i'm still waffling on whether i'll run the lone stars at all. (what do you think?) but one thing's for sure - i DO want to give people the opportunity this time to opt out, instead of having that happen mid-stride. if you want to opt out of potential rps awards - no hard feelings, man, do what makes you happy - just send me an email at my lj address. i'll contact the opt-outs from the larrys personally and give them the opportunity to cancel out ahead of time, too. then, if we still have any interest at all, maybe we'll still run 'em.

that said, i really would like to encourage everyone to run, if we do them. looking at the larrys site stats, i still get hundreds of hits a day on the nominees page. it's a huge recs list, which is exactly what i intended it to be, and i'm so pleased that people are getting that kind of resource out of it.

[ finito ]

Jul. 29th, 2006 06:34 pm
the awards are done, glory hallelujah.

i must come up with a better way of pulling those results omg.
voting at the lawrence awards is now open.

eta: just so everybody's aware:

  • each page has several categories on it.

  • you can only vote in each category ONCE.

  • you can vote whenever you want - if you vote in a couple of categories on one page and then want to come back later to vote on the rest, that's fine.

last day for preliminary voting at the lawrence awards, folks. the form goes offline tomorrow (tuesday) at midnight CST. get 'em in, if you haven't! :D

in other news, omgwritercon ).

in short, *falls down*.
runoff voting at the lawrence awards is open!

rules are important:
  1. A "category" in this instance refers to each heading below (eg: Best Dean in Gen Fiction, Best Song in a Vid).
  2. You may only vote once in each category.
  3. You may select up to five works per category, no more.
  4. Attempting to stuff the ballot box will result in the removal ofyour votes, and elimination from any categories you may be nominated in.  No exceptions.
  5. The first ranking half (or first ranking ten, whichever number is less) of the works for consideration will move into the final round.
  6. Runoff voting closes on Tuesday, July 11th (midnight, CST).
  7. You will be required to provide your name and email address to confirm your identity for voting purposes. The email will not be used to contact you unless there is a problem with your vote.
questions?  comments?  if so, ask 'em here and i'll be happy to answer.

if not, cast your vote!
The complete list of nominees at the Lawrence Awards is posted!

So, of course, Things:
  • If you think we're missing a nomination - something we had, but don't anymore; or something that should have qualified but still isn't there - email us.
  • If you have been nominated more than once in any category, you'll be getting an email asking for your choice for what to put forward. If you want, you can just email us first, that's no problem.
  • There are some categories that have less than three people nominated in them. These categories' nominees will be held over until next year, where they will be guaranteed a spot on the voting list.
  • There are some links that are in lightened text. These are works that qualified for nomination, but aren't going forward into voting for one of the reasons above.
Again, congratulations are very much in order to everybody who was nominated. That's the big deal right there, as far as I'm concerned. I've seen a few people so far who are really active in the fandom going who are these people? I've never seen these fics! Where the hell was I? This is awesome!

And that was the whole point, right there. *glow*

We've got a month until runoff voting opens, and there's going to be a LOT of runoff voting, as you can see. So happy reading, and we'll see you then!
nominating at the lawrence awards is closed, and homg thank god, because MAN there were a bunch of you came out. i'm ecstatic about that, don't get me wrong, but holy man. a LOT. :D

so! things!

lawrence awards stuff )

in other news, apparently johnny depp is doing (or has done) a movie called the libertine. it is about the second earl of rochester, john wilmot, and homg. i must see this movie. and i must drag my roommate along by the scruff of the neck if need be. and you, [ profile] the_tall_man, you too. a more toreador toreador there never was, oh, my heart.
i got my pimpin hat out.

today's your last day to nominate at the lawrence awards. i'll be doing an update of the nominees list today, just in case you need that little extra push. i've had a few people decline to participate for varying reasons - if you nominate one, we'll email you and give you a chance to change your nomination.

if you're going to [ profile] writercon and you haven't had the chance to get on over to that comm and see what they're up to, go. for serious. the yearbooks in particular are the awesomest thing - they want pictures from everybody, like your favored eljay icon or one of those paper doll avatar things - and you get to sign up for clubs like fandoms. my favorite is the angel: the series fandom: drama club. HOW AWESOME IS THAT! hee. so go! see! lots to do!

today is obviously activities day here at winterlive. tune in next week and we'll show you how to distract theatre employees long enough to steal movie posters.
so! there is a partial list of nominees up at the lawrence awards. oh my god, i am so excited i could SPIT. there's awesome stuff on there already, awesome. i think i've nominated one thing myself, everybody else got most of the stuff i meant to.

but there's still things i mean to nominate! and i only have until sunday, which is when nominations close, so i better get in gear.

couple of reminders:
  • all the categories, even subset categories, only count as one. you can nominate fic in each subset of het, gen and slash.
  • you can't nominate RPS, sorry to say. that goes on in winter, when tptb don't have so much spare time. :)
  • each author can only have one nominated work in any given category, so if you see someone up there already and you nominate a different fic of theirs in that category, they'll be asked to choose between them.
  • sam & dean are total rock stars.
  • any problems or questions can be sent to
  • ETA: Oh oh oh, and! Any category with less than three nominees will NOT be voted on! The nominees will be held over until next year! So if you want to vote in a category, make sure there's three nominees.
  • ETA II, god i am such a dorkstar: offical You Are A Nominee, Congratulations! emails will be going out soon. :D
and that's it!

colour me bobulated. :D

the lawrence awards are going strong, there's a great showing.  i'm seeing fics and vids i haven't heard of before, and some that i was really hoping would get nominated, so, woo, confetti all round!  \o/

couple reminders and questions answered, just minor, for some that asked:

  1. when nominating in the best author category, you need to include a link to their posted fiction, but you don't need to choose one fic in particular.  just put "author" in the title line.
  2. if you make a mistake with one of your nominations (like if, right after you hit the "send" button, you realized you were nominating hetfic in the gen category) it is easy as pie to fix.  just send an email to and ask for your nomination to be pulled.  then resubmit it, and you're good.
  3. websites need love too!  where graphic artists get their screencaps, where you hear the spoilers first, the comm you hit when you just HAVE to discuss the show - nominate!
and in other, more thrilling news, my team totally just had shark for breakfast.  \m/
i think, yes, chinese again today.  god, i love ginger beef.  it's not human, how much i love.

the new job seems good, yes, but i am beginning to suspect that i was not adequately prepared.  fortunately i am made of awesome when it comes to clerical work and therefore have a long list of people to call in the event of emergency.  so far i have dealt adequately with two three problems that needed my doin'.  in the immortal words of kevin spacey, i rule.

i am also pleased to report that nominations at the lawrence awards are proceeding apace.  the genficcers are kicking ASS with their mad nominating skillz, there will certainly be a runoff vote in best overall genfic.  the vidders are also making a good showing, and of course the slashers are all over it.  the art, het and websites noms are off to a bit of a slower start, but that's to be expected.  it's only been a day!

as a little reminder, some of the website categories can include lj communities.  :)

i believe i will try to update the site with a current nominees list soon, just so you can all a) start clicking and b) narrow your choices.  there's some fantastic stuff, people, for serious.  *claps*

finally, i love [profile] violetsmiles so much right now, i think i may pop something.  watch this space for mikey/tommy in seattle, coming soon to a crackhouse near you.  :*
The Lawrence Awards nominations are open. Go forth and nominate your favorite art, fic, vids and websites!

Answers to some questions I've recieved recently: you don't have to vote for the thing you nominated, and it doesn't matter how many nominations something gets, it only has to be nominated once to be considered.

Nominations will run for two weeks, closing at midnight CST on Sunday, May 28.

Please feel free to pimp this sucker, the more the merrier! We've seen interest from all over the world, and at least two major fan sites that aren't eljay, and this pleases me so much i can hardly believe omg. \o/
The opening day of nominations at the Lawrence Awards (or, as I've heard them fondly termed, the Larrys) is coming up fast - this Monday, the fifteenth.

There's categories for fanart, fanfic, vids and websites, so be sure to come out and give your favorite authors, artists and creatrices a nod. And remember, you're only allowed to nominate once per category, but there is NOTHING that says you can't network with your fellow fen to make sure everybody you want to nominate gets nominated. :) Don't be intimidated by the giant number of categories, you don't have to nominate in all of them. And don't forget that categories are interactive - if we recieve a certain number of email requests for a new category, we'll create it.

Nominations will be open for two weeks only, so get 'em in early!

Man, I am so excited for this thing! <3
People of LiveJournal, I am pleased to announce the first annual Supernatural fandom awards.

The Lawrence Awards

Nominations open May 15th. In the meantime, browse the categories and rules and decide which of your favorite artwork, fic, sites and vids will be on your list when May comes. You can only nominate one fic per category, so it's a tough call!

All nomination and voting is public. There will be no independant judging. That means this really is pan-fandom - absolutely everyone who's nominated (and follows the rules, which are pretty simple) will be listed on the nominees page when the time comes to vote. So don't worry about who your friends are or who you know. Everybody's vote counts the same.

You can't nominate yourself. Poke your friends.

Vidders in particular will want to pay attention to the section of the rules that requires a direct, stable link to their work. Yousendit isn't a viable link because it expires, but Sendspace is because it's more or less permanent.

LJ communities might take particular interest in the fact that they are eligible for certain categories of the website awards.

RPS is not eligible. There will be a seperate awards program for RPS fic in the winter - it's just too huge to tackle it at the same time.

There will be one winner and two runners-up per category, and they will all get shiny graphics.

So, in conclusion: PIMP THIS OUT. There's categories for vids and websites, for het and slash and genfic, for every damn thing under the sun, so we want to see that as many people have the chance to nominate and vote as possible. There's lots to do!

Questions? Comments? :)



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