here, have a wee ficklet.

sam/ofc/ofc, nc-17. slightly-future-fic.

the price to be paid )
in honor of the anniversary of this most momentous day, i offer comment!fic. anything to do with the boy in question, line 'em up.

happy birthday, dean.
1. happy new year, lj! as promised, i have porn. but wait for it.

2. [ profile] superspn deserves all of your attention, right this minute.

3. ah, you're back. i have inhaled the entire run of [ dexter ], and it rules the school. watch it. come on, it's hiatus, what else are you doing.

4. some lovely anonymous person has given me a heart-shaped box of virtual candy. bless your heart, whoever you are, and of course you should feel free to pop your anonymous wee face into the comments and ask me for anything your little heart desires.

5. in the previous post, i made mention of the word "pornography" as being something i didn't care for, and it's been bothering me. i should have been more specific. fandom has gone to a great deal of trouble to co-opt that word to mean something erotic and done for the purposes of self-gratification, at least in part, which is part of the reason we're all here - self-gratification. (fandom is nothing else. it's about TELEVISION fer pete's sake.) so. i hereby revise that previous post to indicate that i don't tend to care for pornography-as-previously-established-by-the-menfolk. this is to say things which are exploitative, objectifying, exist to degrade the subject. and i DO tend to enjoy erotica, and us all talking about our fantasies with each other because there is nothing wrong with that omg. pornography is a word i like, and use. so i will designate it a fandom word for our purposes here today, and put all the hyphens on the thing i don't like. :)

and in that vein:

6. porn 2007, hot off the presses!

sam/dean, shameless sexing, not a little dirty talk. gratuitious deus ex machina. nc-17, of course. eeeeek it has been so long since i postede slash i hope my porn still works.

Pixy Stix )
i am going to work. when i arrive, it will be deader than disco. i am fairly certain that there will be only two people in the office, counting me.


prompt time! give me a prompt and i will make you some fic. supernatural and smallville are preferred fandoms - i will entertain notions of other things i watch but i make you no promises. ♥

annnnd go!
gacked off the ever-lovely [ profile] idyll:


[ profile] yin_again had the best idea: Porn it Forward.

The first person to respond to this entry with a prompt gets a little off-the-cuff porn. The rest of you writers out there post the same call in your journals, and we make a lot of porn for a rainy Friday-before-the-holiday. It's what they call a win-win scenario.

So, first person up - prompt of your choice. And don't forget to Porn It Forward.


further, [ omg, y'all. omg. ] i love jared so much, eee.
so this was a wee something that cooked up out of my brain at, like 2 am. i take no responsibility for it. dean/ofc, nc-17.

rabbits' running )

[ gobble ]

Nov. 22nd, 2006 01:56 pm
a wee holiday story; for my own tress, and all my dearly hearted americans.

it is about giving )
so i was hanging out over at [ profile] femmenerd's, and she asked if anybody had ever read any sam/ofc that wasn't hers. and i could not remember ever having done so, which, as you all know, is EFFING CRIMINAL. sam needs to sex every girl he can get his hands on if at all possible, because a) sam needs comfort like WHOA, and b) jared's so sexy it harms me sometimes. so i grabbed my cees and i said, listen, cees. something's gotta be done. and because i am an expert browbeater, she started, but because she is an expert browbeater, she made me do part of it.


vicarious atonement
sam/ofc, nc-17
by [ profile] winterlive and [ profile] traveller.

Vicarious Atonement )

okay now you. :)
here's a little something. gen, R.

split second )

Fic: Ward

Feb. 3rd, 2006 05:52 pm
So, hi.

I don't know if you guys have seen, but [ profile] lost_witness has this icon, a photoshop of Jensen and Jared looking a little bit younger than they do now. Me, Max, Cee and Tress were utterly gobsmacked by this icon for, like, a solid hour the other day, and I determined I must have one, or something slightly like it. Lostie was kind enough to make one for me, and allow me to make one of my own, and I'm still playing around with it. But I promised her boyish Winchesters in return, and so I deliver.

Ward )

Yesterday I thought to myself, Self, we should do some drabbles for SPN fandom. It's been a while since we did drabbles. Come on, it'll be good for us, with the word counts and the vocabulary expansion and messing with syntax. Let's do it!

So I did. And they're all about the car.

I love the Impala. They're lucky that car doesn't have suicide doors, because if it did, I'd be on my way to Vancouver for some car-napping right now.

There are four 100 word drabbles, plus a slightly longer fifth piece. That one was going to be a drabble but it decided to be longer. It's not my fault. It's Winchester Family Fic, which is like my crack cocaine and I have no control over it. All of them are gen, so don't be shy if slash for this show skeers you.


Lady of the House )

ETA: And also also also GIP. Oh, she kicks me RIGHT THERE. *draws hearts around her* Max is the king of all icons everywhere, people.
Genfic, with John.

Reveille )
Spare Time )
Hi, all. So, here's a bunch of ficlets that came out of yesterday's prompt call. I've ordered them chronologically, and they're all gen, PG-13. Mama and Papa Winchester appear. I, uh... am forced to warn for maybe a little bit of Winchester family fuzziness.

Family Matters )
For everyone's reference, this is Max's heretofore untitled hustler crack!fic. It's complete, as far as it goes, but I don't promise that there won't be a sequel at some point.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell )
There is a line, Supernatural, and you are over it.

Lindsey? Fine. Faith? FINE! But you have - in not just one, but two places - forced me to describe in detail how it would be with Brian Fucking Kinney.

To wit... )

In short, if you don't let me actually finish something soon, I will be forced to resort to drastic measures.

Hopelessly devoted,

ETA: I will not write Sam/Duncan Kane. I will not write Sam/Duncan Kane. Sam would never think Celeste was an excellent mother. I will not write Sam/Duncan Kane. *beats head on desk*

PS: Take the poll!
[ profile] violetsmiles forces me at gunpoint subtly engineers me into writing het.

Sam/Dean/Faith, Hard R for bewbies.

Damn you, Vi. Damn you to hell. I was a het virgin1! *sobs*

1. Except not really.
Sam, Dean and Lindsey, as requested. )
So my Jared/Jensen/Mikey/Tommy plot bunny is coming along nicely.

I played duelling porn drabbles with [ profile] wandering_amiss in Max's journal, and I think we managed to redefine "wrong" while also coming up with the [ profile] swmbo plot bunny of the century.

And the boyish addition to Max's hustler!crack!fic seems to have gone over well, too.


My name is Winter, and I'll be your usher in Hell tonight. Can I take your coat?



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