be warned, folks, this one didn't sit so well with me.

supernatural 4x19: jump the shark )
winterlive: (spn: i'm okay!)
perhaps more later on the subject of this week's supernatural, when it is not 2am. i do have to say, though, spoiler )
spn: the latest )
i don't need an lj cut.

could sam possibly get any hotter? could he? no.

okay wait i lied )
supernatural 4x03 )
man, i remember season three. i remember trying to get all keyed up to watch an episode, y'know, and then it'd come and be some kind of song and dance number that didn't advance any kind of plot or do anything that didn't just reverse itself by the end. it was like a sam-n-dean sitcom with gore. sure was funny.

i don't miss that at ALL.

supernatural 4x02: awesome squared )

hi, i'm danny and i missed my show. :)
on the rewatch:

4x01 spoilers )

in other news, if you haven't heard the song i'm listening to right now, you need to.

and now: time to make icons.
winterlive: (spn: i'm okay!)
supernatural 4x01 )

what's that? you haven't seen the episode? or you have, but it disappointed you in some way? here. have a non-spoilery interview with j2 on set where they talk about what it's like to live together.

people, the gods are smiling on us today. it is a blessed day. and in honor of the fact that it's just about to turn to midnight where i am, i leave you with this: yaar.



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