for posterity and my future reference, this is the Series Of Four interviews that i use to innoculate people against malaria. i mean hook them on star trek RPF.

the circus comes to town )
but watch all the way to the end for chris pine: the musical!!

ps: if you are wondering if this movie in fact features a bunch of chris pine being a catholic schoolboy, you are only partly right. it features that, but also chris pine in an altar boy suit.

that's kind of all i have to say about that.

[ oh god ]

Jun. 4th, 2009 06:55 pm
seriously, you all need to love this kid as much as i do.

ion, i'm thinking of starting up a star trek RPF meta comm. i need a place to post blown-up pictures of zachary's necklace and ask people if it looks like a st. christopher medal.
word of advice, people: moderate your chris pine intake. i have a sugar-related tummyache and i know who to blame. *hold*

speaking of himself, i promised you all some quinine. i know it's malaria season out there. here's the first part of a concoction to cure what ails you.

ladies, meet chris pine. )

[ oh yes ]

May. 13th, 2009 12:45 am
just a note to folks in the US of A, if you haven't seen chris pine and zach quinto's guest spot on SNL, you are MISSING OUT.

for those of us poor bastards outside hulu's range, if you wish to d/l the episode, it is 21 on eztv - the one with justin timberlake. :)

in other news, i can't find an icon i like of kirk. SULK.
Some Magazine: Bradley, former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Anthony Head plays your father in the show. Are you enjoying working with him?

Bradley James: Well, I was quite a big fan of Buffy - I've got over my embarrassment of saying that now - and when I turned up for the first read-through, he was standing on the other side of the hall and my jaw dropped. I said to someone, "What on earth is he doing here?" [and they said] "Oh, yeah, he's playing your dad." I went up to him and said, "You should be aware I was quite the Buffy fan and the first few things I'm going to say to you are going to be complete nonsense. But once we get past that, we'll be fine."
winterlive: (rps: atlanta morning coming down)

oh god dammit, misha. okay. you can stay.
me: during the j2 panel, mish snuck in and stole a microphone for the last question
Cee: how is he suddenly "mish"
me: it was, quote, is it hard playing brothers being that you are are lovers in real life?
Cee: ahahahaha
me: nobody can make me facepalm that much and not get a nickname
Windy City Times: Now is there someone famous that you never thought you would meet?

Michael Rosenbaum: It's funny how I became friends with Carrie Fisher. Her daughter was a fan of Smallville and wanted an autographed picture. I said I want a picture, in exchange, of Carrie in Return of the Jedi in that little skimpy outfit with Jabba the Hut. She jokingly wrote, “Michael, fuck me, Carrie.” We have been throwing parties together ever since for Christmas called the “Bah Humbug” parties, where we get lumps of coal and we trim the tree with people like Robert Downey, Jr., and Alec Baldwin on the list.
winterlive: (rps: atlanta morning coming down)
fangirl army: mobilize!

jenny has a bracelet. (proof) is it wood or stone? and if stone, what kind? somebody that is totally not cee thinks it might be dark jade, but i am skeptical, so i put it to you.
i read somewhere that milo ventimiglia was at a convention and a girl very politely asked him where she could buy a grunberg is my hero t-shirt, such as the one he had on. and in fact they could not be bought, at the time, so he took it off his back and fucking gave it to her. as such, any latent concern i had over a) his previous stint as stupid jess with his stupid hair and b) his actual real life romance with hayden p. which i was happy to fanwank but was not certain how i felt when it was truth, is hereby eradicated.


[ ahaha ]

Oct. 12th, 2008 02:01 pm
i ran across this picture )

[ spam ]

Sep. 29th, 2008 05:54 am
winterlive: (rps: atlanta morning coming down)
every time i think i can't possibly love jared more, he gives an interview and i find out that he really loves the bands i love.

goddamn him.

in the spirit of that, here: 54 icons from the first half of spn 4x01. click the one you want, then save the image it gives you.

i'm still working on the second half. god, the cinematography in this show. *hands*
flailing fangirl brigade )
if any of you are, as i am, bug-eyed-yet-slightly-shamefaced fans of one young master daniel radcliffe, you will be fascinated to read his latest interview with details magazine.

my namesake speaks on such divers topics as why he'd like to play a drag queen, why he dates older women, and who is cooler: steve mcqueen or paul newman. the interviewer also touches on how gary oldman taught the boychild to play bass, and the fact that dan appears to have a brain approximately ten years too old for him as evidenced by the fact that he rolls his eyes at 80's catchphrases like he was there.

seriously, people, i frigging love that kid.
winterlive: (rps: atlanta morning coming down)
i am at work.

youtube is blocked at work.

the s3 gag reel is on youtube.


ETA: user removed! but comments have me covered. :D
kristin bell is not my hetero lifemate.

from the launch party for assassin's creed, the newest from ubisoft video games )

...but between that and how adorable she is with zachary quinto, she's getting dangerously close.

oh, um, ps, that last shot on ZQ's taiwan photoshoot may kill me.
so, you guys remember that interview jared gave a while back where he was talking about how he and jensen go out together now and then and there's a place they go to that has english shuffleboard?

cee found the best thing ever. no lie.



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