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excuse me, but is he or is he not the most fantastic person in the entire world?

yes. yes he is.

b/c asked to name musicians he's really into right now, he says: "i'm a texas boy, i love my country (music), but. jack johnson, dave matthews... ray lamontagne is a really excellent musician." and then if he's working out? metallica. kid rock.

oh jared. they need to make more, just like you. <333

ps: this is one that all you kiwis out there should definitely not miss.
it appears jared was at jensen's performance of a few good men in fort worth last night, along with sandy and danneel and the ackles clan.

jared, danneel and sandy at the bar, and to all reports, jared offering to buy the old man some skittles.

he wore a baseball cap, as if that would hide him when he's freakin 6'4. he chatted up the fans at intermission and took pictures with them, yet somehow managed to spend all his time talking with, to quote the boy himself, "papa ackles". jared led the standing ovation, at the end. and when the play was over, the boys took off together.

my fandom, ladies and gentlemen.

eta: danneel is the OTHER tiny brunette. it appears that the blonde actually IS jared's sister in law. or something. probably jensen's sister, omg i'm an idiot. y'know, i'm just kind of stuck on the fact that danneel is still a brunette. this pleases me in ways i probably shouldn't be pleased, but i don't care. rarrrr, jensen/dark haired girl.
1. [ marcia gay harden ], suckers. *throws horns*

2. [ i love heroes with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. ]

3. short week = rule.

*scampers off*

eta: there is literally nothing about this picture that does not please me.

jensen, via the way-back machine )
so, apparently, [thomas kinkaid is insane].

... )

i stand by everything i said in my previous post. just addenda this. :D

[ EEEE ]

Apr. 8th, 2007 05:32 pm

*hops* *spins* *falls down*

eta, just so my position is clear:

1. lion's gate cinema is responsible for some fucking spectacular feats of cinema; jared is working with a quality studio
2. peter o'toole was lawrence of goddamn arabia; jared's previous cinematic endeavors have included the bloody olsen twins
3. jared is the leading man; he lasted through about twenty minutes of house of wax before painful death
4. it doesn't matter how much kinkaid sucks, as we will indubitably be given an entire two hours of jared, and closeups of his PAINT-SMEARED HANDS.
recently, there was a thinger, i'm sure many of you know about it: bodogFIGHT celebrity poker tournament, held last saturday (dec 2) at vancouver's river rock casino resort. of course many of you are aware that the big gorgeous overgrown labrador retriever turned human who makes me stupid in the head, jared padalecki, was present.

what you may not know, and which i am sure will matter to some of you on ye olde flist, is that two more fandom darlings were also present: paul mcgillion, who plays dr. carson beckett on SGA, and aaron douglas, who plays galen tyrol on BSG. aaron took second place in the tournament and will therefore go on to participate in next year's world series of poker.

to some of you, this means nothing. mere trivia.

to some of you, this is a plot bunny.

enjoy. :)

*sets it loose on yr ankles*
me: apparently jared was on america's next top model. i have to watch america's goddamn top model.
cee: i have never watched it. and i feel i should point out, you don't have to watch it either.
me: cee. jared. surrounded by hot chicks. yes i do.
cee: *hands* that's between you and your god.
me: i don't know that i'd call jared a GOD exactly...

...and yet, for him, i will endure tyra banks pretending her job is hard. so maybe.
From the Apache Junction National Ledger:


"Supernatural" hottie Jared Padalecki hasn't had much of a break from his paranormal duties this hiatus. The haunting series about two brothers (Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) locked in an ongoing battle with the dark side that was picked up for a second season is such a global hit, Padalecki and the "Supernatural" troupe have been overseas tub-thumping with the international press. Currently in London, Padalecki will have to head right back to Vancouver,B.C., to start shooting the show the beginning of next month.

[ !!! ]

May. 19th, 2006 07:35 am
i've had occasion to say this to a couple people lately, so i now say it to you all.

you don't have to like who i like for me to like you. you don't have to like the things i like, have my taste in fic or sex or food, you don't have to growl at who i growl at. if i liked you yesterday, i probably still like you today. nothing's changed, you don't have to take sides, fandom is about love, and boys. let's all take a deep cleansing breath and forget about everything that isn't that.

love and boys, people. )

thx to [ profile] lost_witness for the link, oh yes. *fans self*

when y'all know where the rip of this is, you let me know, okay?
Flight of the Pheonix stars Giovanni Ribisi, Hugh Laurie AND Jared Padalecki?

Why haven't I watched you before? *clutch*
Lostie wins at today for showing me a clip in which Jared does show and tell with his very own didgeridoo. Which is from Australia, and which he cannot operate, try though he might. And he does try. In the interview. And he is not good.

I could not be more in love, people.
jenny and jared are presenting an award on the critic's choice awards. WB, 8 o clock.

someone - i am certain - will be taping/tivoing/some damn thinging to get this CRUCIAL bit of viewing to we of the internet-ridden. because some of us don't have cable, y'all. someone? anyone?


i am dead. i am dead of wicked, smirking jared.

please note keywords. this picture makes me need to pray.

Please observe:

a) picspam in last post
b) this interview with Jenny & Jared re: the bar brawl ).

I love my boys. <3
*bites fingers*

oh, jared. meep. *lusts after rawr*

no, it's nothing new. same old same old. just in love.


ETA: Which, evidently, you all interpret as: Please Post Jared Picspam in my Comments. I APPROVE. YES PLEASE CONTINUE HOLY GUH.

ETA the second: [ profile] cracktrailer devotees? This is why I love him, right here. Also, [ profile] stoney321, if you look at this picture, you will have a whole new context for everything I was saying last night.

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