today on the brad show, we have Himself and one of the other beautiful hollywood freaks chatting back and forth about how horrifying and simultaneously amusing (horrimusing!) it is to have porn written about them out there on the internet, in public, for anybody to read. in the course of this discussion, they post a screencap from a google alert, which shows the name of the poster.

fangirls. then decide. to tell brad. that he is being inconsiderate by not blurring out her name.

and there's your moment of ridiculously hypocritical entitlement for the day. holy shit, my tummy still hurts from laughing. whooooo, you guys. that's just... whoo!

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May. 1st, 2009 02:16 pm
1. big bang submitted. i still have some revision to do, but there you have it. i am surprised (and pleased?) by the blind selection process for artists. that's new, isn't it?

2. jaaaaaaared. god, i want it. (but it's neaf's so no deal.)

3. the zombie flu is a FAKE. it is a HOAX. just in case it gave anybody else a HEART ATTACK like ME. *press hand to chest*
so [ profile] _ming and i were talking about tom waits, and we somehow got onto the topic of what he might think of the internet.

maybe something like this... )
proviso: this post was written entirely too late at night and with not nearly enough considerate loving kindness. it happens sometimes when my coffee-to-blood ratio is low. too low, in fact, to keep me from hitting the post button. ah well.


people, i swear to god, if you start writing letters to the cw telling them that you will not accept, nay, that you will CRUSADE AGAINST this leaked plot for season three of supernatural, i will hunt you down. and i will make you pay.

to clarify: i have not been spoiled. i don't want to be spoiled. if kripke has suddenly stapled "jo/dean 4eva" posters all over his office wall, if kim manners believes the best road to take with the show is for sam to suddenly develop the ability to fly, if dawn ostroff has gone completely off her meds and decided that really it'd be best if the show was jumped fourteen years in the future and recast, i do not want to know. i am not writing letters, neither should you, stfu. i mean, i can understand writing in to save a tv show from cancellation, but this?

i'm using dean's annoyed face for you, fandom. do not MAKE me bring sam's bitchface! IT IS STARTING TO SMELL LIKE TINFOIL IN HERE. FOR GOD'S SAKE GET A HOLD OF YOURSELVES.


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Feb. 9th, 2007 09:49 pm
who's got a giant cup of coffee? DANNY DOES, BABY. \o/

so tonight is working-on-story night, but i thought i would share with you all that [the weekly world news] has an important piece of information up that you should see.


there was other stuff i wanted to tell you too but i can't remember it now because coffee coffee coffee i worship at the kitchenaid altar
i spent most of last night on the phone with cee, laughing ourselves sick over something we found linked off otf_wank over on journalfen. which, just so incidentally, is not work safe in any way. from now on, whenever i think fandom is stupid or silly, i'm going there. and i will remember that the people we imagine screwing, while they might be related or rough with each other or what have you, they're still. y'know.


and not dinosaurs in garters.

ohhhh, you think i'm kidding, don't you? i wish.

eta: BY THE WAY THIS SITE IS NOT FOR SWMBOS. NOT. although it might be for mpoetesses, if they are feeling particularly cruel.

on an utterly unrelated note, wish me luck on the interview, darlings. :) i hope you're all having an excellent day.
so, thus far, were you to believe all the rumors that have been generated wrt jensen ackles, boy is an autistic cokehead who can't talk to fans because he's too big of a jerk.

this despite all (and i do mean ALL) evidence to the contrary.

don'tcha wanna sleep with him now? i wanna sleep with him now.

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Sep. 19th, 2006 09:22 am
hey, y'know what the you're-on-hold music for the cross cancer operating room should NOT BE?

the love theme for twin peaks.


and, um. eta: why is eljay suddenly a nerd? update captain's log? whiskey tango foxtrot! can anybody hear me! twilight zone zomg! AVAST YE SWAB EH.
some things defy description )

i wish i could tell you what that's about, but every time i try, i wind up talking about fistfights in skeezy puerto rico bars, or naked lasagne, and really, you don't want to hear about that.

this post is to appease the gods.

hi. how're you? :)

eta: upon further examination, this is like a pornographic rorschach test. *clappy hands*

Did anybody else out there in SPN fandom get this from our friendly neighborhood thief?



Jan. 6th, 2006 01:37 pm

i just opened a pack of cadbury mini-eggs.

not one pink one.  NOT ONE.  O.o



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