Dragon Age 2 Lead Writer Blasts Homophobic Fan

A disgruntled BioWare fan, who accused the studio of neglecting the "straight, male gamer" with the romance options in Dragon Age 2, has received a dressing down from the game's lead writer, David Gaider, who says that while straight, male gamers might be the majority, raw numbers don't give them any right to expect special treatment.
this seems like a good time to get something out on the record that's been bothering me for way too long. i hardly trust myself to say it without fucking it up, but it's incumbent on me to refuse to exercise my privilege for silence. so it has to be said, and i have to say it, even though i'm sweating and it's kind of about me which it shouldn't be, argh. sorry. anyway.

i have written stories that were culturally appropriative, and i'm sorry. my fault. i didn't understand what i was doing and i am making every effort to not do it again in the future. if i do, please tell me. (my lj email is set up & functional.) if you feel it's inappropriate of me to leave those stories up, even with the explanation and apology i've added to the preface, please tell me. i struggled with that, and these days i try to be sure i stay open to people who think i did it wrong.

those times that people tried to tell me i was being hurtful and i didn't hear them or tried to argue with them? i'm really, really sorry. i was feeling my own hurt and didn't understand that it wasn't about me. i failed completely to hear other people's hurt. i'll try like hell not to do that again, and though i'm probably going to fail on that a few times because sometimes it's hard to see your own privilege in action, i will absolutely listen to people when they tell me about it.

this seems like a good time because a girl in supernatural fandom wrote a fic set in haiti, during the fucking earthquake aftermath. i feel sick typing that. i can't really give you a lot of commentary on it myself, because i'll seriously hurl, so just go to the many roundups if you want to learn more. please learn more, take the discussion there. there are lots of places.

i'm turning off comments because of the above nausea, and also because i do not want to be told i was ever in the right about those two stories i wrote. i was wrong back then, and this writer is wrong now. no argument.
omg you guys, okay. this story starts with adam lambert but is actually about me being a big girl.

a couple of days ago, adam put a link up on his twitter to a friend's new music video. naturally, said video got like thirty thousand views and the EP rose into the itunes top 10 electronic the next day. so then, that done, said friend posted a video of himself doing an acoustic song with a guitar to his youtube account (which he's in the habit of doing), and he prefaced it with a little discussion about what his life had been like the last couple days. here is a link if you wish to watch it for yourself, but let me tell you the best part.

one of his new fans (three months ago he had no fans) is a mom, and wrote him asking for advice: her 10 year old son recently asked when he would know if he wanted to marry a man.

that kid gets to ask that question, and his mom gets to go to the right kind of person for advice. ...i'm all tearing up here, people. mock if you will. *flap* *hand over mouth*

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Jul. 31st, 2009 01:07 am
omg you guys. to make it short, an adorable wee girl got the totally unexpected chance to sit in with green day the other night.

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as i said to cee a moment ago, this girl had enough happy to power chicago by the end of that. looooook at her little faaaaaace. *SQUEEZE STUFFING FROM*
in honor of today's epic amazon rank fail (yes, doing it again, well deserved), today my mother and i watched sean penn blow it the fuck out of the park with [ milk ]. i came away with the same feeling i had after watching [ kinsey ], to wit: a profound gratitude toward those who shaped the part of the world i live in. it wasn't easy, either; they had to be fuckin fearless, to take on everyone who would hate them for it, even kill them for it. but it's because of them, and the work they did, that i'm free to be the person i am. so god love you, harvey, alfred, and everybody else. thank you so much. <3
a friend sent me the most brilliant summation in the entire world of things that matter in life.

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love you, kim. hope you're chillin with stanley kubrick in the director hall of fame right now. you'll be greatly, greatly missed.
just got news that an old and darling fandom pal of mine was recently diagnosed with MS. this sucks. she is such a bright and lovely person.

another fine lady who sells jewelry on etsy has volunteered to donate all her profits for the next month to helping this pal of mine with her medical bills, so if you're in the market for some nice things, pop by her store [joli joli] and see if anything strikes your fancy.
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a friend asked me for my advice on how to handle herself w/r/t a recent bit of lj drama, and i'm just gonna reprint it here for my own reference, because god knows i've needed to hear this advice in the past.

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more for me than anything. i know you guys are probably politicked out by now, so feel free to skip it. i just needed to say it.

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from the 91 worlds. i was eleven. :)
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i know this is my frillionth post today, but i talked to a couple of good friends and i need to say something.

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i felt the need for these - your regularly scheduled post-wank picspam pick-me-up.

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awww, who's the charming little dish that gifted me with userpics? aww. <333

here, have a meme in return.

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i have a HUNCH they'll give us a wonderful performance omg.

it's been forever since i saw this. i taped it as a kid and watched it until i stopped using tapes. tell me your favorite parts and i'll tell you mine. *giddy xmas hands*
i'm sure that when vividcon stuff came out a couple weeks ago that you all flooded over to [livejournal.com profile] sisabet's to see that she had done a vid called falling for the first time. it was recced, it was lauded, and as it should be.

i know sisabet made this as a sam/dean vid, i mean. there's that footage by [livejournal.com profile] shalott at the end, which is hott, no denying. and it completely works from that perspective, just as intended. but watching it for the elevenhundredth time, i am struck again with how much this song's pairing can be read a whole different way.

when i found supernatural, man, it had been a long, long time since i fell in love with a tv show. it had been forever since i had been so consistently charmed that i was willing to overlook all manner of ridiculous plot device and exposition fairying. my godson gained three feet since the last time i loved a show hard enough to create on its behalf, to stay home from other things just to watch it, to brave the wilds beyond my flist to find really awesome fic/vids/art. and this show just had it ALL, man, it had everything i wanted in a fandom, in a show - it was epic and beautiful, it was full of humor and love and hard decisions, and. god, it'd just been a long, lonely time.

and then supernatural came, and it felt just like the first time i ever fell for a tv show. so to me, when i watch sisabet's vid, the pairing is kinda me/supernatural, y'know what i mean? :)



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