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hey, you. yeah, you, eh? are you canadian? if so, sign these:

or they will start charging you by the god damn letter for internet. you heard me. tell your friends. boost the signal. this shit is not on, and they are ALREADY DOING IT.

[ yesssss ]

Aug. 4th, 2010 03:17 pm
on this day in 2010

- proposition 8 ruled unconstitutional in california

- adam lambert plays a repurposed slaughterhouse in lubbock, texas

so about the health care thing. mon amie [ profile] traveller pointed out that my last post on the matter might have seemed a bit harsh or sneery, so i thought i'd explain my position on it a bit.

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congratulations, america, on taking the first tentative baby step toward first world health care. today you join the illustrious ranks of nations with universal health care, leaders like canada, the UK, australia and new zealand. and mexico, columbia, china and india. and bhutan.

now that you've started pouring salt onto the giant, sucking corporate leech that's been gorging on your bank account, i feel like i should warn you that it is going to FREAK. RIGHT. OUT. probably you have already noticed this - the leech tentacles are shrieking baby-killer across the aisle, which is hysterical as infant mortality in your country is three times the current rate of, say, canada, because until today you didn't have universal health care. but if the leech tentacles don't shriek, the pharmaceutical and insurance lobbies aren't going to pay for that nice summer house in ibiza anymore. so be warned: they are going to be VERY ANGRY, and they will say some terrible things.

but listen, america: for the sake of your bank account (and your babies, if you care about them), don't believe them. continue on your current path. shrivel up that leech. it's been sucking you dry for decades, and lying to you the whole time about what horrible disasters will befall you if you don't let it. the tentacles are pitching a hairy conniption fit right now; listen to the hysteria in their voices. they're pushing fear at you as hard as they possibly can. but you're going to be fine. i promise. it's going to be better now.

pay attention. read up on your health care situation. know your rights and assert them. and above all, above everything, when it comes time, VOTE.

on a personal note, it is so nice to see you grow up and start acting like the industrialized nation that you are. it looks good on you. we are totally behind you.

with much love,
the rest of the world

ps: your president is the sexiest world leader out there right now. damn.
barack obama might not be my president, but he's my hero.

[ *teary* ]

Nov. 5th, 2008 09:37 am
"The picture of the U.S. that was disfigured by the Republicans in the past eight years fell from the wall today. The picture of the America we had in our minds has taken its place."

- Prominent Saudi columnist Dawood al-Shirian

mccain's going to speak right away. aaaaaaigh.

eta: that was surprisingly humble and gracious.

11% of the electorate were new voters. they're saying it's the biggest majority on the popular vote since lyndon johnson.

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more for me than anything. i know you guys are probably politicked out by now, so feel free to skip it. i just needed to say it.

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i keep meaning to post about tv - about dexter and true blood and smallville and superohmygodhowsoawesomenatural?

but then i remember that america is voting tomorrow.


i picked up the new maroon 5 album and while i don't like ALL the songs on it, some of them are so catchy that i can't stop listening. fab.
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i have voted. success is mine!
in other news, i watched your veep debate last night, america.

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Aug. 29th, 2008 09:59 am
Why McCain Should Worry Women. McCain's War on Women. McCain and Women's Issues: It's More Than Just Roe.

i should probably know better than to bait, so i won't. i WILL say that while finding these items i ran across a cafepress store that sold t-shirts which said, "real women vote mccain; androgynous wimps don't!"

[ sick ]

Aug. 2nd, 2007 06:31 pm
i don't know what they're trying to accomplish with this, but there is a proposed bill in ohio that would require women who want abortions to get the permission of the baby's father.

well. for our next political trick, we'll be voting on a law that suggests that women's minds and souls are their own, but their bodies will belong to the government for the good of society.

oh wait. same thing.

[ ugly ]

Jun. 19th, 2007 10:57 pm
[ man, i'd hate to be living in indiana right now. ]

"dude was gay" is not an acceptable defense against murder.
i wasn't worried.

MySpace may face legislative crackdown
MySpace and other social-networking sites like and Facebook have come under increasing pressure from members of Congress hoping to appeal to voters before the November elections. The school and library filtering bill--called the Deleting Online Predators Act, or DOPA--is a centerpiece of a poll-driven Republican effort called the "Suburban Agenda."
*emphasis mine

now i'm worried. and not just for livejournal, people. so long, first amendment! nice knowin ya!
so i was over at [ profile] cereta's reading up on her latest, and i see it's [international women's day] today.

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so there's a conservative minority government.

that's exactly what i wanted.

the liberals needed their faces slapped for stealing millions of dollars of taxpayer money. they needed to ditch the guy in charge and they needed to get the message: canada is very displeased with you. two of three, now accomplished. now, if they can just clean house and get some decent people in there, that'll be great.

and then we can vote them back in and get that fat, arrogant, "president bush is doing a great job" ASSHOLE out of parliament and back in the gutter with his drunk fuck of an albertan premier drinking buddy.

i'm watching you, harper. you don't know scrutiny. you're gonna have less privacy than brad pitt, pal.

i have never, ever hated the people running my country more. i mean ALL of them. fucking liberals. fucking conservatives. fucking ndp. fucking communists. AIGH.
I hereby dedicate today's wanking to [ profile] anelith.

I need music! Anyone who wants to link me to their favorite songs in comments will get smootchies. Possibly there could be fic.

Now everybody: read about how John Cusack should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. he loves jon stewart!

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