first one to tell me why i flove lady gaga's music video for telephone gets a prize. of some kind. nb: there might be fourteen different correct answers.

need icons.
i was just talking to [ profile] thenyxie about adam, and about how while i do love the bejesus out of him for his sexy filterless diva qualities, i have Many Thoughts in my music nerd brain about him. i love music. i've made an informal study of music for a long time and if you have Thoughts about adam's musical skills and stratagems, you should comment below.

as an appetite whetting, here are three songs adam usually performs (two covers and one original) that have been totally rearranged just for kicks. because when you're a musician and not just a performer, you do amazing shit like this for funsies.

mad world, but funked up and rocked out )

wwfm, but stripped down acoustic and zero falsetto )

and then just in case by some horrible crime you missed it, whole lotta love, but dreamy drugged out vocal tantra )
people who like good music should check out below the cut.

i'm not kidding )
my username: winterlive, from winter, because i live in canada and it was january when i made this journal, and live of livejournal fame. i have considered many times changing it, but... haven't. primarily out of laziness and artistic prissiness.

my profile name: danny, because that's what the internet calls me. it was not my doing, but i like it.

my journal title: the race is not for the swift
my journal subtitle: but for who can endure it, the combined pair of which is a lyric from the black eyed peas' hey mama. it is a grand song with a beat i would eat over ice cream, but more than that, it reminds me that when shit seems so desperately unfair that you just wanna clocktower it, the winner isn't necessarily the bitch who just passed you.

my friends page: proper villains, from the modern remake of ocean's eleven. it's basher's line: it'll be nice working with proper villains again. that's you lot: the sort i'd want at my back if i were doing something highly illegal. :)
It Might Get Loud

...well gosh.

in other music news, we won't break by zoot woman is pretty fuckin good.
Step 1: Put your MP3 player on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 35 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Let everyone guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Bold the songs when someone guesses correctly. (Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!)

some of these i think are SUPER easy, and some, not so much. i skipped over songs that weren't in english because i couldn't be sure of the lyrics (damn you, google), and any time an artist came up more than once. this is not really an adequate reflection of my musical tastes - in retrospect, i should have grabbed the ipod. it would probably have been more pink cheek making, but who cares. :D


the music meme! )
so, i know i got it off the smallville soundtrack, but why didn't they just call it the clex song? i mean, seriously, people. bread and water - sheila nicholls.

lyrical proof )
winterlive: (nf: it's called being a girl)
i've been tagging the songs in my music library with cover art.

for hours.


here, take this and stop looking at me like that: [ dan bern - the fifth beatles ]
winterlive: (nf: i suspect they're terrified ma'am)
one of the things that drives me crazy about rewatching due south is that i always wind up listening to stan rogers for, like, five hours afterward. because i never like to suffer alone, here's a selection of music from due south that i just so happened to have lying around my computer.

i am not responsible for the condition of your heart after this )
dear trent reznor,

as i'm sure you've learned by now, one of the side benefits of kicking heroin is that you put on some muscle and get the bright idea to buzz off all the ridonkulous hair.  you write songs about ex-robins, but i can live with that. you were thoroughly enjoyable when i was fourteen and you still are. good work! keep it up! you look great!

your gothic parade marshal,
winterlive: (nf: see i am have belleh)
it's storming like a mother outside.

hnnnnnngh friday night at the folk festival. hawksley workman and jonny lang and AND dan tyminski! i don't know if i can resist going to that, people.

of course this means i have to find somebody who loves bluegrass gospel followed by raging chicago blues and then a kind of singer-songwriter alternative unusual business that, okay, hawk's indescribable shut up. THE POINT IS. that is a spectacular lineup and earlybird one-night tix are only $25. that is cheap! somebody'll come with me, right? edmontonites? bueller?
awww, who's the charming little dish that gifted me with userpics? aww. <333

here, have a meme in return.

the musical eleven. i mean five. no, i mean eleven. )

  1. i have changed my userinfo. it's pretty damn clear - i don't know how i feel about the lack of obfuscation - but it's totally true, so! we'll see how long i like it.

  2. yesterday, my ceeshine was talking about [ the weight ] by aretha franklin. duane allman is on guitar, she seemed to feel that was a big deal and i respect that. i feel that if you listen to this song and picture a seventeen year old girl in her bedroom, faking a microphone and belting this out at the top of her lungs... well, you'll know something about the sort of person i am. :)

  3. i've been asking you guys to give me good wishes for interviews i've been going on - well, it paid off. i've been offered a tiny little temp job at alberta education, but it's got big possibilities. meeeeef yaye. thank you again to everybody who knocked wood for me, i smoosh you.

  4. no, seriously, this song is awesome. while you're at it, take [ sea lion ] by sage francis. you either love this one or hate it, but those who love it really love it. it opened up the last episode of bones, the intro part, eef. shivery.

  5. i read a story the other day off [ profile] exsequar's rec. SGA, if that sort of thing interests you, but if you're even remotely familiar with the verse, you should read this. probably old news to those experienced in that fandom, but for those who aren't: [ freedom's just another word ] by [ profile] synecdochic. that is a story. when i talk about how i like fic to have a point, this is what i mean.

  6. heroes was not a spectacular extravaganza of answers, but there were many parts i loved like a loving thing. like for instance... )
as it is midnight, is officially a new day, and therefore i feel no guilt whatsoever about posting yet again.

tonight i saw hawksley workman in concert. )

and also, i watched veronica mars. )

in conclusion, i hope you all have FABULOUS weekends, and i loff. <3
i am writing, bless, it's a herculean effort.

i have scoured the internets for the song "ice" by sarah mclachlan, and i cannot find it. if one of you can upload or link in the next, oh, let's say an hour, i will do you a drabble of your choice. but my flist came through like a champ, moonie gets herself a drabble posthaste. you guys rule, fyi.

now, that aside, let me ask you this.

1. do you write with mood music? myself, i always do. i can hardly get words on paper unless i have some kind of appropriate sound backing me up. when i am writing supernatural fic, i almost always have "laugh, i nearly died" by the rolling stones on the list somewheres.

2. what's your favorite creepy-and-slightly-sad music? in the absence of the song i wanted, and also of "mercy street" by peter gabriel (i love you pete) i found myself with "black acres" by elysian fields. i've tried the rest of their album, leaves me a little cold, but hell and damn, i do love black acres for morose, rain-in-the-night music. so! what's yours? don't be shy, belt 'em out. :)
When Ryan Seacrest subs in for Larry King, Anderson Cooper reports on the weather and its! The gayest moment in CNN history (WMV, right-click-save).

Good morning to you! I give thanks for all the Americans I know and love. Because y'all have a holiday, and there's pie. In related news, LOOM. You need to be aware of this ).

And finally, I give you two songs by Dan Bern, artist and sage. Cut for songs and squee. )

Gacked from jabberwolky:

The rules:
Put your iTunes (or iPod, or any music media player) on random, then ask it each question out loud before going to the next song. Record what song it jumps to as the answer.

answers under the cut )



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