i totally just saw the losers, and people, i laughed forever. everyone in that movie was smokin hot and the villain was so over the top that he could see "over the top" somewhere underneath him, if he really looked. wheeeeeeeeeee comic books! things exploding! yah!
so, i went to go see 2012 last week. if you have no plans to see this movie, you're not missing much of anything except EXPLOSIONS and woody harrelson. if this movie did nothing else, let it convince hollywood that a woody harrelson & john cusack comedy would be hilarious beyond measure.

but like. okay. let me explain how being in fandom makes you sensitive to certain things.

spoilers spoilers spoilers )
after work today, carla is going to come pick me up, then crissie, then food. and then i will not return until sunday afternoon. i hope you all have a fantastique time without me, but i will be soaked in booze and friends nonstop and there will be fireworks and smooshing and that's the best thing ever.

though i also got preview screening tickets to the dark knight on tuesday and, my friends, that does NOT SUCK.

JOY: website is complete. or, mostly complete. there's still a couple of wee things, but that'll come. the layout is finished omg.

OTHER JOY: i watched sweeney todd the other day, and the song a little priest is effing fantastic. whee hurrah!

hi, guys, it's monday. :)
me and mary went to see the hulk!

god i love edward norton )
for the record, i saw iron man last weekend.

my girlhood crush on robert downey jr. will never falter. i have a whole new level of respect for jon favreau. and if you go see this movie, stay until the end of the credits for a happy little surprise. :)



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