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Whenever you post an image to LJ, whether you change your layout, post art in unlocked posts, upload new userpics, add sidebars, post unlocked voting in communities, post unlocked pimps in communities, anything image related in public space, it comes up on the LJ RSS Feed. And apparently now, there are several websites that re-post the feed, which hotlinks your images.

To opt out of the feed:

Make sure you are logged into LJ

Go to the command console:

Enter this command exactly:
set latest_optout yes

Hit execute.

This is just to opt YOUR JOURNAL out of the feed. If you want to opt a community that you own out of the feed:

Make sure you are logged into LJ

Go to the command console:

Enter this command exactly:
set for communityname latest_optout yes
yet more unconscionable LJ/6A crap, plus info for those looking elsewhere )

i have also decided that i am not allowed to post about the exodus without also saying something that is full of fandom love, b/c endless posts on boldgate are, y'know, boring.

ergo! david duchovny is made out of awesome. californication has the benefit of being on whilst i am waiting (patiently, so patiently) for the fall tv season to start up, so i am totally watching it, if for no other reason than that it stars daaaaavid. i think i first saw him on twin peaks playing agent denise. fox mulder in pumps, people, it is solid gold.

via secondalto, see? see how awesome! (one image just a tinsy bit nsfw...) )

also, GIP. dear god i love that movie. <333
lj posted a response to our rage. as usual, it is a bunch of double-speak bullshit. burr's not the first lj staffer to call us idiots (please note post date). this list of conflicting statements issued by lj staffers was apparently insufficient to warrant fixing, as they just keep doing it.

you expected different, maybe? you expected them to treat us like customers instead of annoyances? no.

in other news, i've been considering ways in which we could mark the occasion. given this much misery, some form of fandom love-in seems in order. plus there's always parties to have! we are in desperate need of fun, people.

there is j2 at the beta. i'm debating how to host it - i SERIOUSLY do not want to put it on LJ, not directly. and i refuse to flock, because fuck that. HM. this is a bicky basil. suggestions?

ooh, eta: jf has a journal called rename_me where you can just request a rename for your jf account if you need it. no money down!
i have all those journals, and i'm winterlive on all of 'em. when scribblit goes up, i'll be winterlive there, too, and i'm honestly crossing my fingers that [ profile] fandom_flies comes up with something good, because i'd be there in a heartbeat. lj isn't getting any more of my money ever - unless, like, 6A sells it or something. i'll crosspost everywhere.

i'd like to encourage everybody to buy an account over at journalfen, especially if you're one of those people that has been furious about the whole freedom of expression thing. they deserve the money, no matter what happens with this whole exodus.

so. jesus.

cee made me watch californication. it is a good show and you should watch it two so we can all love on david duchovny together. *wrap legs arms around him*
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lj team member [ profile] burr86 takes time out of his busy schedule of NOT answering the deluge of responses to his posts at [ profile] lj_biz in order to... do some PR?


lj begins plans to include a "report this post as an abuse of the LJ TOS" button on every single journal post in an effort to... foster a sense of community?


[ profile] light_up posts mid-length warm and good first-time j2 fic entitled open doors because she sensed that what this entire situation needs is... more porn?


eta: [ profile] fandom_flies is talking big new endeavors, surely we all know that, y? they do have some interesting links regarding whether or not we should all be moving to journalfen, which is an issue i'd wanted to see discussed. see, here's the thing: i have no plans to leave lj at the moment. i have all the requisite backups and i just bought six months paid time at journalfen not because i'll use it, but because i think they've earned the money for all the times i've perused fandom_wank. but man, some of the things i'm seeing lately... the times, they are a-changing.

[ profile] traveller told me yesterday she'd seen fandom go through a few huge upheavals, from mailing lists to archives to lj, and she was sure she'd see it happen again. well, maybe she will. maybe the time's coming. if it is, i'll have my eye on it, i'll tell you that.

eta 2: [ profile] elaboration was banned for underage as well, though she claims her drawing was intended to be of adults. the image that got her kicked is here, and saved to my desktop. if it goes down, let me know.
everybody knows i love freedom of expression.

this ain't it. (link is nsfw and also pretty despicable, imho.)

maybe we'll all pick up and wander off or whatever. maybe fandom will decide to go all haywire and make their own space on the web, maybe we'll all have to uproot ourselves and exodus from the reign of stinky stinky six apart. but let's not make martyrs out of molehills, okay?

eta: in case i was somehow unclear, the following two things are true:
1. i find that image repulsive. personally, ethically, ugh. i also find rapefic, bestiality and torture to be by and large repulsive.
2. i cannot fault lj for banning it because it's illegal. i do not support the banning of any user over the perceived offensiveness of their material, only its legality.

eta II, much after the fact: i see that people are still keen to talk this one over. good for you. it's good to keep informed. but just so you know, a lot of information came out between the time this was posted and the three days later that some of this conversation is happening in. we know more things now, things have been confirmed, proven false, proven different. i therefore stand by two things i said in the original post: 1. sixapart stinks, and 2. you must, MUST chill. i stand by all things said in the first ETA.

[ rage. ]

Jul. 24th, 2007 10:57 pm
gosh, it's nice to know where we stand. typepad comes first, then vox, then us. y'know, if you get the chance. thanks, 6A, for clearing that up.
dear livejournal comment posting/delivery mechanism,

go fuck yourself.



Oct. 25th, 2006 11:28 am
dear eljay:


now give me my comments. don't make me beat you, you know how that went last time.

no love,
eljay, you spastic, spastic whore.

Holy cow.

Jan. 12th, 2006 07:17 pm
Guys, check this out. LJ enables stalking.

I post so much, it won't be a problem for me, but jeebus. O.o I hear you can turn it off, tho, which is nice.

[ profile] entrenous88: your finger on the pulse of LJ. Hee.

I decided my Misc fic memories heading was getting a little packed full of random stuff. So I said to myself, self, let's trim that down. Let's make a category for Buffy/Angel/Firefly fanfic, and then one for the other kinds. That should make things easier.

Four hours later, my memories'd fic is sorted by fandom (of which RPS is its own, yes) and has (mostly) uniform titling. Finished result, voila.


*iz ded*

Also, GIP. Oh, Tommy. You're fucking stunningly gorgeous. Try to get closer to Mikey on the next take, okay? Atta boy. *gives treat*

Also, dear LJ: Give me my comments. And word to the wise: that tinsel up there only makes you look like a more FESTIVE whore. It's the visual equivalent of non-stop Jingle Bells. Do not make me hurt you, you giant bitch.

ETA: Is that kid in the banner holding up a paid-account t-shirt he got from Santa? HE IS! SO TASTELESS! STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! *channels Dawn AND Connor*

ETA II: OMG that kid looks like I feel, though. Hee. WTF is this? I wanted an X-Box 360!


Nov. 21st, 2005 09:50 am
From me to others. )
Everyone go see [ profile] poshcat and say my name add to the wank. Freakin heathen politico dour puritans just never stop. Hell with 'em! *gropes you all*

Um. Am at work. Hate it. Want internet at home. And a rich husband who doesn't care if I sleep with Mr. Winter and lots of girls.

Watched Dead Ends last night - possibly my favorite Angel episode of all time. Lindsey sings. They fight. Lindsey: *emphatically gesturing with loaded gun* "You! Got no! Right! You! Why aren't you trying to kill me?" Angel: *to guy he's choking* "Excuse me." *to Lindsey* "I'm trying to work a case here, does everything have to be about killing you all the time?" *heart* *OTP*

Also? My het!OTP has to be Angel/Darla. It just must.

Note to sharkie. If I get to share the room with Ely, I'm getting a sock to hang on the door when we're... uh... playing scrabble. Yeaaaah...

Planning to go to cybercafe tonight, if not snowed into office tower. Will have to eat co-workers to survive if that is the case. *thinks* *has no problem with that*
Bad language! Stay away! )

ETA: *blink* It worked!



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