Dear Witling, Fod, Swmbo and many others in the last week:

Thanks a jillion for making LJ such a fun place to play.  Sparkly banter plus fic equals things being better.  You win at life, ladies.  In the immortal words of someone or other: rock on.

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Fic Rec

Nov. 8th, 2005 01:12 am
Oh, wow. So it's past one AM and I have to be up in six hours, but WHOA.

Fandom rocks.

[ profile] cereta posted a rant about how fandom - at least, fandom on LJ - is predominantly women, and how this causes some men to think that it's biased against them. Becase they are not treated as priviliged, therefore they are being oppressed. It's fun, and there are linked examples. Go see.

And, as if that weren't fun enough, [ profile] witling posted Jinnie in the Mary-Sue-verse. If you don't know what that is... well, let me put it to you this way. If you've ever found yourself thinking, gosh, I've been meaning to very cautiously edge a toe into BtVS RPS AUs for a while now, but I'm afraid to do it in case whatever it is I read either a) sucks or b) makes me totally incapable of enjoying the characters I love anymore, then boy, howdy, read MSVerse now. NOW. Yesterday. And even if you weren't thinking that, you should consider thinking it. Holy mother of pearl. In fact, you should just read the whole [ profile] swimming_hole. And [ profile] cracktrailer at large. And all of my fic. And then win the lottery and found Subtextville. And bring me a bagel.


ETA: Cupcakes for everyone!

Love meme

Oct. 11th, 2005 12:06 pm
Ha ha, r0xx0r.

The Playstation )

Getting something off your chest.

I love you guys.

I'm gonna do a meme now, because I love teh silly.

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Aug. 8th, 2005 09:43 am
AlbertaCon was totally fun. Top to bottom fun.

We watched Queer as Folk and drooled over Brian. I had ice cream and we smoked. Holy crap, did we smoke. We clustered around the computer and giggled, we stayed up to ridiculous hours. We ate huge t-bone steaks and hit the bar, we drove down Calgary's Pride Avenue and Trixx pointed out the gay bars. Robin and Sofy hit the zoo while Trixx and I slept in. I played a Buffy video game and cuddled with the girls a LOT. We stole Robin's hair and made a slash sign and took lots of pictures. They told me I had huge boobies. (I do.)

[ profile] poshcat and [ profile] strangecreature were delightful. I think they both started out kind of nervous, but loosened up as the night went on. Sadly, they did not meet each other! What's that about? But they were delightful anyway, and I hearted them both. <3 Trixx told us stories, most of which were in some way naughty. I wish I'd had the chance to meet [ profile] indiana_jane_ and [ profile] nihilistbear, but I guess I have to have SOME reason to come back to Calgary someday. Besides my mom. Heh.

I missed you guys! *squishes you all* And now I'm bound and determined to go to Writercon so I can meet you. I'll have to apply for a scholarship, because I'm poor, but I'm determined!

In other news, my internet wives are by and large Jewish. Huh. Interesting. *analyzes own psyche*


May. 11th, 2005 01:32 pm

Am back from Vegas.  Random impressions will unquestionably show up over the next several weeks, but here's the ones I can remember right now.

I love [ profile] wolfshark.  For EVER.
The brits bitched about the tea.  Oh my GOD, did they bitch about the tea.
I am Zane's hag.
Ely knew that the Stratosphere Insanity ride had broken down a couple months earlier, and she still went three times.  She's clearly insane.
Also, she jumped on my bed to wake me up in the morning.  With actual jumping.  I didn't love at the time.  I love now.
Joss.  Tiny and elfin and adorable.  Pocket-sized!  I want to take him home with me and prop him up on my pillows.
I won nothing.  Wait, that's not true.  I won a dollar-fifty and two tacos.
Piercing places in Vegas suck for being open and locatable.  Unless you do the thing that makes sense and look on the strip.
Luke, who did the writercon tats, did four for us.  He kicks a big bunch of ass.  Wow.
We took maaaaaany pictures.  You will see them, I promise.
The Golden Nugget was lovely.  They put my teddy bear on my pillow when they'd tidied the room, and they didn't even bitch about me coming to dinner in my socks.
Those huge whalebone daquiris?  Only drink those if you are very serious about being drunk.
Thunder From Down Under.  YUM.  The host made me weak at the knees.  I am not kidding.  We were taking pictures, and he blew in my ear and talked to me about how much he liked my hair.  I know he's paid to do that, but EEEEEE!  *squee*

OMG more later.  Just talking about it equals sleepy, and I have to edit prawn.  *mwahs all*

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It's very late at night, and we've just gotten back from Serenity. Jim is in the shower, Sharkie's gone for ice and Ely, Ruric and Zane are downstairs in their rooms. We'll see about how long that goes.

I won't spoil you. Any of you. Suffice it to say that the movie was everything I expected - from Firefly. I have relearned, one more time, to never, ever, EVER try to anticipate Joss Whedon.

Who, by the way, Joss?

Came to our screening. And he brought Summer Glau. And they talked to all of us in the theatre (fans, every single one) and watched the movie with us and then stayed after to sign autographs. They signed my copy of the Tao Te Ching. I don't know how I knew to bring it, but I did.

I said to him the following words: "You're my hero. I want you to know that. My big, damn hero."

He was so choked up. Summer, too. They were just overcome. There was a standing ovation in the theatre like three times. I can't count the number of times someone yelled out thank you. I do know that when he thanked us, we thanked him back in unison.

I'll do a full report up in the morning. For now, just know that I love you guys, I love Joss Whedon and I love my fandom. And I especially love Serenity. Just... wow.
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ETA II: [ profile] preetybird made me an icon! Huzzah! It's Gale Harold PURTY. *looks around at the slightly uncomfortable fifteen-icon limit she has* Okay. So the Preety one requested Spangel for a thank-you (which I told her I'd do). I would unquestionably be willing to gift another make-Winter-your-ficlet-bitch story to anyone who made it a little less tight around the icony shoulders in here. And, [ profile] ponders_life, you glorious creature you, if you ever do want your ficlet, you have but to ask. Just reminding you. *g*

ETA III: [ profile] gingerpig! You darling sneaky minx! Thank you, and name your price! Though I bet you a bajillion dollars it will in some way involve Christian Kane or one of his characters. ;)



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