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Oct. 15th, 2011 10:58 am
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you guise it's really important.

he's at it again.

scott adams thinks that rape is only natural, and roughly on par with taking pictures of your penis and tweeting them.

this man is everything wrong with society, and everything broken about society's attitude toward men. he has been conditioned (largely by advertising, but also by centuries of privilege) into believing that he is entitled to enact absolutely every single behaviour that might spring to his mind, and that the rules that prevent him from doing so are only contrivances that prevent the natural order of things. he thinks society is fucked up because it does not pander to every whim he has. and most confusing, most bewildering, most GOBSMACKING, is that he thinks that society DOES pander to the whims of women, and those whims are necessarily the opposite of men's whims - women are naturally modest and polite and like marriage and love, and they don't want people to be crude or, you know, rape them. and men want the opposite of all those things.

he is slandering every single man i know, and all the men you know. pretty much every man who thinks women are human. he is saying they are all the same nasty, ugly creatures he is, and he is fucking WRONG, because not only do men != rapists, but men who experience the same feelings as women are not wrong or unnatural, as he is clearly stating they are. GOD, i have never wanted to cockpunch a human being this badly.
so, the ********* that writes dilbert decided to show his ass on the internet. the rant he typed up is so misogynist that i can hardly believe it's coherent. needless to say it made people angry, and so he... bahleeted.

delete him off EVERYTHING, and if you know scott adams personally, i suggest a good solid punch to the junk.

full text of the article and a related response to a feminist blog )
so, i went to go see 2012 last week. if you have no plans to see this movie, you're not missing much of anything except EXPLOSIONS and woody harrelson. if this movie did nothing else, let it convince hollywood that a woody harrelson & john cusack comedy would be hilarious beyond measure.

but like. okay. let me explain how being in fandom makes you sensitive to certain things.

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Jun. 19th, 2009 10:58 pm
you know what's awful? when women who are so often spit on because they're overweight (judged on their looks) think it's cool to bitch out other women for being, in their eyes, too skinny (judged on their looks).

zoe saldana probably weighs a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet. she's a ballerina. she's built that way and she's got curves. and i still see people being all, ugh bitch eat a sandwich. it's disgusting. it's us fat girls being taken in by the same stupid shit that got us here in the first place, identifying other women based not on their personalities but on their body type, like who they are and what they might think doesn't matter, because we think we can see everything we need to know in a glance.

if we can't be trusted to see past that crap, who the hell can? if we learn nothing else from being so discriminated against, shouldn't it be not to discriminate in kind?

ugh. sorry. i get cranky when writing is not going well. *face*


Aug. 29th, 2008 09:59 am
Why McCain Should Worry Women. McCain's War on Women. McCain and Women's Issues: It's More Than Just Roe.

i should probably know better than to bait, so i won't. i WILL say that while finding these items i ran across a cafepress store that sold t-shirts which said, "real women vote mccain; androgynous wimps don't!"
misogyny on supernatural? )

in other news, as part of my epic failure to resist writing comics fanfic, i've spent most of my time at the Robb & Stucky website, furnishing the AU Luthor estate in hawaii. gnnnngh. WANT.

annnd over at [livejournal.com profile] misspamela's, she is hosting the fandom hot 20! go pick your top three hottest fictional characters of all time (omg that is hard) and list them in a comment. pam'll make a poll when all's said and done. get crazy!
[livejournal.com profile] poisontaster is hosting a discussion on "dogpiling" over at her lj, here. i got longwinded and rambly enough that i decided to post here instead of there.

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Feb. 25th, 2008 12:08 am
so, okay, so. apparently there's been a bunch of meta lately on how supernatural has treated women in a misogynistic and unfair way, particularly in the witch episode, malleus maleficarum.

speaking as a long-standing feminist and pagan, i had absolutely zero problems with that episode. but i don't really feel like getting into it, because i'm really seriously cognisant that it'll mean a huge discussion and i won't change any minds and nobody's going to change mine.

luckily for me, however, [livejournal.com profile] crossroads_lore has drafted up an essay on how it's possible to interpret the events of malleus maleficarum in a non-evil way - not that you MUST believe what she says, but just as a potential alternative take on it. Considerations (In Defense), i'll shorten the name to, and if you'd like to take a look, here you go. i fully agree with everything she says.

yaye, timesaver.
not for the first time, i wonder: why is it impossible to have a community that outright focuses on good fic? anthologies of selected works of fiction are published every damn year; what's so wrong with doing it for fanfic?

what if it were moderated by a small panel of people, maybe three people, whose job it was to allow or disallow what was posted there? it'd be unpopular at first, because some people would scream elitist bitchery and most people would listen to that, so it wouldn't even be all that much work. the moderators would obviously have to be people of brass and class, but i wouldn't even care if they were sockpuppets so long as they had good taste in fic.

how easy would it be to, when somebody new gets into SPN, just point them to the community? you want good fic, there it is, fly and be free.

there's only one thing i would want, and that's the ability of posters to delete or edit their own stuff. i considered yuletide for all of ten seconds before i found out that they won't take your stuff down later, even if you ask them. whoo, unacceptable, at least to lil ol me.

is that so undoable? bah. i'm sure it is. god knows we'd all rather open a vein than offend someone, even if the offense taken is totally unreasonable. *hands*

ETA: since this posting, [livejournal.com profile] maygra has decided to formulate a project. the parameters of this project are radically different from my little whine session here, and i assure you that she is taking every opportunity to consider the impact of her structure, process and presentation. her guidelines will be available soon for public review, so please withhold judgement on that project until you see them - things have really changed quite a bit. :)
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okay, this will be a GIANT SHOCK for all of you, i'm sure, but cee wrote something and i love it.

turn your head awhile, nc-17, supernatural.

in other news, your pals at the kinsey institute and the bbc have picked out six women and done a pile of sexual experiments on them over the course of a week, and then documentaried the experience. it is fascinating and full of british people, so highly recommended.

the truth about female desire

la la la. hi.
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some loser posted a rant on craigslist about how nice guys finish last with chicks. the mighty godking explained how anonymous loser's position is not only misogynistic, but also retarded.

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aaaanyhoo. i'll get to those requests from last post, hopefully today. they have already turned out some decent things, some very earnest feelings, so. rew.
this one friend of mine likes almost no kind of music but country - new country/pop, not the old stuff. sometimes, when we would drive around and i just couldn't take it anymore, i would demand that we listen to ANYTHING ELSE, so she would pop in one of the two other CDs she owned: Big Shiny Tunes #, or the coyote ugly soundtrack. i was astonished to discover, on first listening, that some of the tracks belonging to leanne rimes didn't actually suck as hard as i thought they would. they were gay and dancey, you know the kind, just a dumb song you kind of like.

today, i watched the movie. )


anyway, god. cee did this meme (and came up with MORE KONO, people; run, don't walk) and i like it, so i'm stealing it.

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future, unless it's that one single story i wrote that's all porn all the time, b/c there's there's that exactly one of you that always asks for that one but it's just more porn, so nothing doing, pick something else.
after lengthy discussion with my friend [livejournal.com profile] fodian on the subject, i felt compelled to edit my previous post. to short it up for you, i find many things objectionable, offensive and unsexy, but the only ones i can understand suspending outright are the ones that are illegal. i do not feel qualified to condemn anybody for what gets them off, and i wouldn't want to try - it's not my job to police other people, only myself. policing others and interpreting our varying rights and freedoms is a job that belongs to the government.

now. that said, i would like to briefly discuss my stance on abuse fic in general.

voltaire was a smart man )

if nothing else, i must concede that ponderosa has accomplished what a lot of artists strive for: getting people talking and thinking. thoughts? comments? agree/disagree?



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