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[ profile] rylock:you're up awfully early
me:don't remind me
stupid daylight
rylock:why so eager?
me:i keep being out until the wee hours and then i don't have time to do laundry
rylock:so you got up early to wash clothes? heee
that's funny, somehow
me:shut up
i need coffee
rylock:bitch, why you gotta play it that way?
me:because it's bitch o clock in the morning
rylock:go drink yo damn coffee
me:i'm posting this in my blog
rylock:yo mama

this has been a nerd announcement. those of you who thought i was cool, consider yourselves educated. <3
so i just got back from saskatoon. i visited many good friends and played a live game of firefly. about 75 of us decended on boomtown in the saskatoon western development museum, which was a fantastic place to play. the bride got married, blue sun got foiled and a fantastic time was had by all. on the drive back home, [ profile] rylock, adam and i talked about how freakin cool it'd be to play in fort edmonton park come the summer, and plotted to encourage some sucker to run it.

and if you like zombie flicks, try this:

what'd you do this weekend?
i have returned from the wild frontier. i can't tell you about camp debauchery except to say that it is the happiest place on earth, tijuana be damned.

now it's back to work, but mostly to buzz happily in one place as i wait for it to be tuesday so i can see the joker. i mean batman.
after work today, carla is going to come pick me up, then crissie, then food. and then i will not return until sunday afternoon. i hope you all have a fantastique time without me, but i will be soaked in booze and friends nonstop and there will be fireworks and smooshing and that's the best thing ever.

though i also got preview screening tickets to the dark knight on tuesday and, my friends, that does NOT SUCK.

i am back from saskatoon. [ profile] binarykitten's mad driving skills brought us safely through the windswept fields of mordor and lively conversation was had. i discovered that one of the saskatoonians checks in on this blog from time to time, and though i warned him it was mostly boys, tv and porn, he persisted, so perhaps i shall see him around from time to time. dove, as ever, was a wretched beast. i'll miss him, unless of course he decides to come back for [ profile] jabberwolky's game, at which point i will be playing lily and, well, once you go nawlins you never go back.

it is freezing fucking cold once again in my town. i do not advise this, people. i do not endorse this event.

i do, however, endorse jensen fucking ackles.
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fyi, nota bene, be advised: i am doing my second annual [ profile] wrisomifu for the month of november. my daily ten minutes are posted in [ profile] bride_of_au. if you would like to read, you are welcome to do so, but please bear in mind that it's purely stream of consciousness and i make no promises as to quality. no critique, please, but of course if you are inclined to tell me i am a genius, i will not argue. also please do not feel obliged to leave feedback, lurking is just fine.

in other news, tonight was alina's birthday. we went to the cajun house in st. albert and despite a brief moment of lament over the lack of hush puppies, it was lovely. they brought her bread pudding with a sparkler on it, and the gumbo i had was so fantabulous that i made them bring me a bowl to go, so i could heat it up tomorrow. i will need that gumbo when i come home, because tomorrow is two - count 'em, TWO - job interviews. i'll be out most of the day. wish me luck omg.

[ ugh ]

Aug. 27th, 2007 05:29 am
i was away all weekend at a superawesome gaming thinger in saskatoon. saskatoon, if you are interested, is approx here:

yes. ten hours of driving in order to game. i am danny: supernerd. anyhoo, as a result, i have not checked my flist. how was ur weekend, kids?

eta: i go away for two fucking days and jared attends a major event at which they take lots of adorable pix PLUS you find clips of the goddamn s2 blooper reel? ...jesus, maybe i oughta go away more often!

[ eek ]

Jun. 2nd, 2007 04:09 pm
from time magazine, their interview with george clooney, brad pitt, matt damon and ellen barkin on their upcoming feature, ocean's 13.

oh. my. god. love.

in other news, it is now saturday, which means my angels game. that i have been waiting for. for months. saskatoonians will be here soon. i wonder if we're doing supper. i wonder if i'll live through it. i wonder if ANY of us will live through it. oh, people, i can't even tell you.
let me tell you something. roleplaying is a habit for geeks and nerds who live off cheetos and can't get girlfriends.

unless of course you have a bunch of big tall buff male friends who like to growl and shout and pace around and dress like pirates (sexy kind, obvs) and talk about war in their manliest voices. because in that case, coming home and getting eight hours sleep and getting right back up to go out and do it again is a fucking awesome habit - in fact, about the best habit ever.

and then, and then, when we went out for coffee after, i told their respective sexasses about the theories cooked up by you, fandom, about mama petrelli's vision powers. they loved it. they love that show.

and that is why all of you should move to my town. *clutches friends tight tight yayes*
ohhh, i'm all turned around.

i roleplay, y'all know that. i keep dreaming about it. it's pure madness.

and today's thursday, which means part 1 of the season finale of supernatural, and i am going to the pub. to roleplay. i mean, not that i get to watch the episodes live ANYWAY, as i have to download, but seriously, people. i must cut down on the roleplaying in my life. too many awesome characters and stories, not enough time.

in other news, my day has been considerably improved by reading the following [ compilation of dom/billy quotes ]. it's very soothing.
if you're one of the artists doing the [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang, you have less than ten hours now to get down to the claiming stations and choose your first (and/or second) claims. and all i am saying is that my EPIC MONSTROSITY is still open for a second claim. so go! do! act now!

in other news, roleplaying ).

and finally, guess what day it is. that's right. IT IS THURSDAY.
dear livejournal,

i made it home from saskatoon alive to find that my roommate had put a phone in my room. i have just turned the ringer off.

danny geeks right the hell out )

and so, to sum up: i am home. and my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang fic is due on tuesday. time to buckle down!

[ back! ]

Apr. 1st, 2007 08:29 pm
so over this weekend i went to saskatoon and hung out with a bunch of friends.

we were live roleplaying.

consummate geek points, ftw. if you do not know what live roleplaying is, i shall explain ).


i had this concept. )

so. how was your weekend? :)

[ hearts ]

Jul. 3rd, 2006 10:43 pm
hi, i am returned from the wilderness.

my weekend at the cabin )

trump! )
So I have made and loaded four five new icons.

They are all of Mikey or Tommy.

That is because the -ellingbaum is an important suffix, and because [ profile] toomuchplor and [ profile] scribblinlenore write incredibly hot clex that is fun to read.

Thoughts on RPS )

And with that, I go to work on a wee snippet story. Rrr, porn.

Then later, I go to hang out with friends and roleplay like a big geek. I get to do bruise makeup! Woo! And I'm being stalked by a cop in that game, which is tres cool because I would like to stalk him back. I'm a very bad person in that game, and I totally did all the horrible things he thinks I did. Ha ha, copper, never catch me.
I ran my tabletop game last night, and despite our lack of [ profile] robborbob and [ profile] jabberwolky, it went swimmingly. Everyone seemed to be interested and interacting, had enough to do. They especially liked the 'one evil die one good die' thing. That's great fun, I must concur. Now there's side scenes to do as they bunk down at their no-tell motel for the night, and the other two to look for in the morning. Have they been slain at the hands of the Angels? Will they return from Purgatory to their Domi, or did they suffer the true death? Were they just at the bar?

Next week, on New Carthage!


Aug. 15th, 2005 01:00 pm
Oh, the loving arms of the internets. How I missed you.

So I was away for a bit, there. Went to a weekend live gaming thing, and then a tabletop Sunday afternoon. OMG the dichotomy, Batman! )

But life moves on. And where does it move to?

Watched Return of the King again last night. I swear, some of those moments are better than sex. Sam hauling Frodo to his feet on the volcano's edge. Aragorn singing. When Aragorn and Legolas clasp shoulders after the battle, and just look at each other. Pippin finding Merry on the battlefield. Frodo kissing Sam on the forehead before he gets on the boat. And then some of those moments were not better than sex, but still good: Every goddamn second where Aragorn wears his King of Gondor look. (Nngh, power sexy.) When Aragorn beheads the fucking *Cenobite* that comes to negotiate for Mordor. Legolas feeling a faint tingling in his fingers! The beer might be affecting him! <3.

Returning to canon is nice. I may have to do more of it.

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