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brad/adam, nc-17. ~18K words, a ridiculous fic conceit as an excuse for lots of porn. much thanks to [ profile] traveller and [ profile] yeats for audiencing, and [ profile] crediniaeth for the beta. also cee says to make sure you all know it was totally her idea, and it totally was.

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  1. brad made a video about prop 8 and the marriage movement. watch it. you will love it, he's a genius, second verse.

  2. the lady gaga concert is in TWO WEEKS hoshit. all my appointments are set, thank god, and now i just have to pray that my ridiculous ideas are doable by the various individuals i have enlisted to make it happen.

  3. for reasons that don't bear exploring at this juncture, have a look at this. i've been on this insane doors kick lately. i dlownloaded that documentary they made and i watched it start to finish. if jared padalecki had been born in the seventies, he'd look exactly like ray manzarek right there.

  4. ???

  5. PROFIT.

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Aug. 8th, 2010 12:27 am
[ profile] slodwick's meme said:

  • Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.

  • Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!

  • Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

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today on the brad show, we have Himself and one of the other beautiful hollywood freaks chatting back and forth about how horrifying and simultaneously amusing (horrimusing!) it is to have porn written about them out there on the internet, in public, for anybody to read. in the course of this discussion, they post a screencap from a google alert, which shows the name of the poster.

fangirls. then decide. to tell brad. that he is being inconsiderate by not blurring out her name.

and there's your moment of ridiculously hypocritical entitlement for the day. holy shit, my tummy still hurts from laughing. whooooo, you guys. that's just... whoo!
it came to my attention that i did not have an easily accessible primer for all things brad-related. that's fixed now.

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[ swept ]

Jun. 23rd, 2010 06:06 pm
i am gonna make your life better. ready?

the things you do for kicks, i tell ya.

brad/adam, nc-17, for the glaad gift bag challenge. yes i know it's way too late, but watch me care. it's posted on the AO3 challenge page, if there are those of you who prefer reading there. for those who prefer reading on lj, click away. read at your own risk, as this constitutes totally unbeta'd pwp.

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brad in a tie makes everything better )

[ ugh ]

Feb. 18th, 2010 11:16 pm
i should really be waiting to make this post until tomorrow, when the vidchat adam just did (for ontd_ai, in honor of their winning his charity contest) is up on his website and i can show you all. zombies! tattoos! soulmates! astrology! rhinestone-studded sporks!!1!

but then, okay, then? brad posted his new vid which is pure delight like i can't even say, and then i fell in love with this lady gaga song off fame monster. ([ profile] xaqxenophile, [ profile] gracefuloctopus, other assorted non-believers: i'm lookin at you.) and i just could not hold it in anymore.

gip, y'all. seriously, it's hard for me to love this kid more.

if you would like me to proselytize you into the church of brad, comment below.
where could a girl find a brad bell moodtheme? do i have to make one myself?
the following series of ficlets was done for the [ profile] ontd_ai dollar drive for the houston area women's center, which provides support to survivors of domestic violence. it's part of the ongoing and organized effort we're making on behalf of terri sanvincente, aka [ profile] glitteraquarius, god rest her. she was one of ours. if you'd like to donate, here's the HAWC's Giving Page.

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three down, two to go!
so like. i spend a good portion of my life in chat with pals, right? and a little while ago me and [ profile] yeats were talking about how much we love bradam, kind of like every other day? we have these few running plotlines that we play around with and embroider on, and we were on the one where brad and adam are seeing each other on the sly and brad's in disguises and they're giving his publicist heart attacks, right?

only this time lah said something NSFW... )
somebody needs to come hold my hand because brad just owned my heart in one fell swoop. my favorite line from one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite actors. and it's even apropos as you said it to your roommate. jfc he's my favorite.
i keep meaning to do this big post about how perfect new orleans is, and how awesome everyone and everything there was? and then i get distracted by brad's twitter and spend the next couple of hours drowning in sparkly glee. god, i adore him.

[ omg. ]

Sep. 21st, 2009 07:36 am
does anybody care that brad had lunch with jane espenson, or is it just me? fandoms collide! geek plural! ree!

no? um.

ugh monday.
american idol rpf, adam/brad, NC-17, set around 2006 or so, do not even judge me. for the [ profile] ai_kinkmeme prompt: here, and for lah who loves them.

important disclaimer: none of this is true, i don't know anybody named herein, for fun and not profit.

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