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i never can resist an icon meme. )
1. this icon, and the one keyworded "i don't want your money too", are from my darling [ profile] robanybody's recent icon set.
2. [ which is here. ]
3. they're mostly taken by now, but there are GEMS still left omg.


4. 7-11 is selling kona motherfucking coffee. *deep draughts of bliss*


5. i spent most of yesterday reading tim/kon (that's latest!robin/superman & lex's test tube clone baby, people). something is deeply wrong with me.

6. bonus points for anybody who can identify the source of either of the new kw. omg i love them. *clappy hands*

i hope you're all having SPECTACULAR days. new heroes tonight! so much to be excited about!!


Jan. 5th, 2006 10:46 pm

If anybody's gonna be near Atlanta in July, I'm going to [ profile] writercon, so I'll be there for a little less than a week.  Y'ALL SHOULD GO.  COUGH.  Now, last year it was a Whedon-only con, and I candidly admit, I would still be going even if it still were.  But they're branching out a little this year, and while they still are focusing on the Whedonverses (my first love, be still my heart) they also are showing a little love to new fandoms.

Cough AGAIN.

I've just put up a post in the [ profile] writercon community full of icons and banners, so go check it out.

Those of you who are already confirmed to go: you, me, goldschlager kisses.  Whaddaya say?  Eh?  *eyes you*

For [ profile] entrenous88's Scottish Ficathon, it's scots-themed icons.  Kilts aplenty plus partly naked boys!

four under the cut, get 'em now. )

Still time to sign up, y'all. Feel free to personalize at will.

Also, I feel at least a little better.  Nakedness helps, it does.  <3


Dec. 12th, 2005 01:51 am
*plays with journal layout*

Some of these new ones in S2 are pretty spiffin, yo. Now - to get it blue enough. *pokes*

ETA: Mmm, blue. Mercy.

Now for some spoiler-up-to-right-now TV squee... )

That was pretty much a mash note.

WARNING: silliness. )
Please find a photographer soon who can make you look interesting. You are stunningly beautiful and can be photographed from almost any angle while still looking good, so this should not be as hard as it seems. In candid shots, you are almost always energetic and bright-eyed, but once you get into the studio, something inside of you dies a little. Please to be stopping that.

Also, your incredibly long, lithe (beautiful glarrrrgh) body is very hard to crop. You can't do anything about that, but it's very frustrating. FYI.



Nov. 11th, 2005 01:01 pm

More VK icons, since the last few went over so well.  *beams*

Clicky! )

Dear Witling, Fod, Swmbo and many others in the last week:

Thanks a jillion for making LJ such a fun place to play.  Sparkly banter plus fic equals things being better.  You win at life, ladies.  In the immortal words of someone or other: rock on.

In appreciation and to preserve us from comment!spam... )

Christian Bale as Batman

Captain Jack Sparrow/Empty Rum Bottle. Text = OMG!

Slytherin House

(updated as I think of them)

Edutain me!

Jul. 4th, 2005 10:35 am
Today, I am interested in iconses. Everyone seems all about the iconses on my flist (you know who you are, [ profile] sweptawaybayou) and so I give you memeage - but blessedly, memeage that requires little actual work from ME.

Post your favorite icon in the comments and tell me what you love about it.

This one's my favorite ATM: the galley of Serenity, and proof that home is where you make it.

Happy Independance Day, Americans!



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