for you poor unfortunates out there who do not already know, this immense worlds collide fandom thing is happening soon and my brain is imploding, okay? they're doing a movie of red hood, from DCU. that alone should make you all freak, but if you don't know the DCU, i get why you might be like, so what? well. the casting.

batman - bruce greenwood
nightwing - neil patrick harris
red hood - jensen ackles
ra's al ghul - jason isaacs


you'll note bruce says "read-through". that's where all the actors get together around a table and read out all the lines against each other to see what sounds good. and in my head, they become the best of friends. ♥_♥

but perhaps more importantly? BATMAN. JASON. where my comic book nerds at!?
i finally got up the gumption to read the rest of infinite crisis. i'm mostly through it now - half the titles have got to the One Year Later storyline and so they're done for now. i am on teen titans annual #1, which is just between the first fight conner has with superboy-prime (where, like, every DCU member that's ever been a teen titan or been FRIENDS with a teen titan shows up and beats SBP's butt into the ground, booya), and the Amazing Adventures of Nightwing and Superboy, International Spies. or whatever it's called. :) there are maybe six or seven more books to read in the infinite crisis series and then.

then it will be One Year Later.

please be notified that i will need hugs omg. *tears up*
it's come to my attention that a lot of you, in the wake of the dark knight, are wanting a kind of basic primer for the DCU. maybe you just want to recognize the people that get namechecked in fic, maybe you want to try a couple of comic books but don't know where to start.

here's some basics to get you started )
it's watchmen #8, page four, and the very first undiluted ray of hope has just burst through the wretched, awful comic book clouds.

cut for those who haven't read )
after work today, carla is going to come pick me up, then crissie, then food. and then i will not return until sunday afternoon. i hope you all have a fantastique time without me, but i will be soaked in booze and friends nonstop and there will be fireworks and smooshing and that's the best thing ever.

though i also got preview screening tickets to the dark knight on tuesday and, my friends, that does NOT SUCK.

i didn't show you all this when i found it, but i'm sure it's one of you who pointed it out to me.

the trailer for the dark knight, and for the 1989 michael keaton batman movie, side by side.

you have to watch this. i mean. if you even liked the '89 batman even a little bit. it's just... neat.

13 days and counting down.
i am now in the final editing stages of a 60K word DC AU.

tim drake, 25-year-old director of wayne biotech by day and a sidekick vigilante by night, is taking his dominance of the business world to the next level with a high-profile acquisition in metropolis. but when reckless playboy conner luthor announces his intention to become a major corporate force by going after the same company tim has his eye on, the city becomes the scene of a major showdown. offers are made, secrets revealed, and the two men are forced to decide between love and loyalty in this sprawling tale that, i am not even kidding, i had to research until my brain hurt.


so, what've you been doing for the past month?
winterlive: (dc: it has to be damp)
[ profile] adis723 did this icon meme dealie. as i am a sucker for icon memes, i took her up on it.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick four/five of your userpics.
2. Make a post and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

vinnie's picks )

[ dude. ]

Apr. 3rd, 2008 08:29 pm
oh my GOD, i could spend all damn day here: random DCU porn cliche generator.


[ HAH ]

Jan. 24th, 2008 08:20 am


oh, ming. <3
heath ledger found dead at his mary kate olsen's a soho apartment.

nypd found pills near the scene, apparent overdose. suicide has yet to be determined.


i'm sure that at least some of this makes me a terrible person )
homg dark knight.

i have never before seen any pair of males more utterly slashable than connor luthor and tim drake.

that's right: superboy and robin.

a typical conversation )


Batman! )

In other news, someone was shot at a Mac's store I used to go to all the time! This is not right! My town is supposed to be quiet and docile and eclectically arty. We are not supposed to have crime, or not serious crime! It is bad! Fourteenth homicide this year. Wrong!

I found out that the girl who sits next to me is fen for DC fandom. Did y'all know Superman and Lex Luthor have a child together via petri dish? IN CANON? It is true! I love this - it's like discovering girl-next-to-me is my long lost cousin. I christen her swmbostyle: co-worker M. Though she had heard the term 'squee', she had never heard one out loud before. She has now. *g*

*has seekrit TSP glee*

Finally, if you are a House fan, I have only four words for you: son of a BITCH. O.O *ded*



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