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Jun. 28th, 2012 12:04 am
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i have this wild-eyed theory and i just need to blurt it all out so don't say i didn't warn you. just, look at this.

jackson was born a kanima, and is one of two in beacon hills. the other is his birth father, who might just be adrian harris the chem teacher.

why do i think there are two kanima? let's look at the kanima encounters.

1. killing isaac's father in the middle of nowhere. this was plainly the second kanima, as minutes before it happened, jackson was standing outside his house in his jim-jams with a garbage bag full of kleenex, wide awake and non-scaly. it could be argued that they were playing with time between isaac's dad driving away, and isaac's dad being killed, but i don't think there was enough time or motive for jackson to go back up to bed, crawl in, fall asleep, change form, get back up, and go chase a buick's cold trail. i think it's past reasonable doubt that there are at least two kanima in town, and that this murder was performed by the second. i have only vague theories about why K2 chose this victim - i absolutely think it's choosing its victims for a reason.

2. isaac's house, interrupting scott and alison exploring. jackson. he lives across the street and had turned that same night; this kanima was scared off by scott and didn't attack alison even when he could have. clearly jackson.

3. outside hale house, killing the biker hunter. K2. i think it was there to make a try for derek himself, but failing that, tried to make trouble for derek by stirring up the hunters. i think it hates werewolves, or maybe the hales specifically; certainly K2 gets up in derek's grill again and again.

4. stiles's garage, killing the mechanic... but not killing stiles. i think this was jackson. the mechanic was once on the lacrosse team in beacon hills high; this stinks of a grudge murder, which would normally incline one to believe that it wasn't jackson (since why would jackson care about this dude, aside from maybe that mechanic guy is prettier than jackson, which is hard to do). but what if the order came from jackson's kanima-friend? what if jackson showed up, a fledgling little lizard-beast, and his k-friend said: i know, i'll test out his abilities by sending him after some guy i hate? jackson successfully kills the target, though instead of gutting this guy (like biker hunter), he very slowly drops a jeep on him - maybe jackson's reluctance to murder coming through? this kanima recognizes stiles, and despite the fact that he's a witness, leaves him alone. (both jackson and adrian would recognize stiles on sight, so stiles's later testimony that the kanima recognized him doesn't help us make any determination EXCEPT that if there is a K2, he or she is probably not a stranger.)

arguments against this kanima being jackson: neither scott nor isaac was capable of distinguishing between friend and enemy when in full-on monster mode. that plus the awareness required to sabotage a hydraulic press indicates an older monster with plenty of self-control. but why would K2 spare stiles?

5. the pool, trying to kill derek. K2. it can't swim and/or hates chlorine, which jackson does all the time. the venom it left on the mirror shard later paralyzed jackson, and i'm pretty sold on that "snakes can't be poisoned by their own venom" thing. and of course it attacked scott and stiles, which leaves jackson out as well. i don't know why K2 left erica alive when it could have killed her, or why it was turned by its own reflection, but it sure fucking hates derek, i'll tell you that for nothin.


so why do i think jackson was born a kanima, instead of being made one by the bite? well, when derek first bit jackson, jackson's body fought the bite for reasons unknown. if jackson was already a kanima, that would explain it nicely. they've sure been whacking the HE'S ADOPTED drum for long enough now that i've been expecting some kind of crazy birth parent deal for jackson, and this would sure make sense - especially with a second kanima in town.

so why do i figure adrian harris for being K2?

derek said that shapeshifters' forms sometimes match their personalities, and both jackson and adrian are unmitigated assholes. (i don't WANT to have sympathy for jackson shut up.) K2 has a serious, murderous grudge against derek; adrian harris helped kate argent to burn the hale family alive, and we have only his word for it that it wasn't totally on purpose. also, there's an einstein bumper sticker on the car at the end of 2.05, and adrian references einstein earlier in that same episode.

arguments against:
- lydia ate the envenomed crystal and was not paralyzed, leading one to believe that SHE'S K2... but she has no motive for doing any of the things K2 does. i'd be surprised if she have could picked derek out of a lineup before last ep. maybe she really is immune.
- assuming that K2 is responsible for editing jackson's videotape, how would adrian accomplish that? i doubt he'd have access to jackson's house.

BLAH BLAH KANIMA, i love stiles and danny and coach bobby finstock forever and ever the end.
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